what would you call your autobiography?...not msI

I think mine would be a triography! 3 sisters take on the same events! it would be called either, ‘Balsa wood and bird seed’ or ‘Cardboard cake and candles’…don’t ask! lol!

My life in many sad chef trousers ( are you sure you won’t to send that food back )

the good, the bad and the ugly seems to fit my life with ms.

c xx

Black and white check trousers?

‘Just another human’

I would call mine The Good,The Bad and The In-between Times

Polly x

Easy…Boudica Rides Again!


can i please make a pre-order for your book poll?

Price of cacti

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Heaven doesn’t want me (and Hell’s afraid I’ll take over)

Intriguing!, that would catch my eye.

it’s a prickly subject-good title!

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Old enough to know better, but young enough not to give a damn


One wheel on my wagon…

Wild eyed and Legless.

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