burning leg??? not ms

my sweet son billy just asked me did i want anything from the bakery. i was deeply involved in my finances and said no thanks. he brought me a pasty anyway and i just left in lying on my thigh and continued trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

then i got a growing sense of warmth on my leg, just thought ms to blame but it got very hot and then i noticed the pasty! so instead of ms it was a rather nice pasty!


carole x

Thanks Carol, that cheered me up! Having a bl@@dy bad day! Just finished decorating my house, having new flooring laid today…woke up to find a leak ruined my kitchen ceiling! Making my neck, back, and eyes more painful! But you reminded me of when my children went to shop with their pocket money and bought me some sweets. Easy to get bogged down by every day stuff, plus the pain…now I realise that I have two lovely kiddies. Thank you for reminding me. Billy sounds very thought full too. Ppx

That made me smile.

now that’s made me smile, hope you enjoyed it, finger licking, Jean x

Could be “a nasty Pasty”!!! Hope you enjoyed it!!!LOL!!! Tracey xx