If its not my ms its something else

Hi all, its the moaner here!

I hope you are all as well as can be.

Starting to get really fed up at the min. If its not my ms playing up its something else.

Iv had a blistery rash on my hands since Saturday morning and its driving me around the bend (only got to pick something up and they start itching) then yesterday morning my wisdom teeth started giving my grief!

Sorry that all I seem to do is moan lately but I feel like its only my fellow msers that understand these annoying things life throws at us all as well as coping with the day to day life of living with ms.

Sam x

hi sammie

you’re entitled to moan, its almost compulsory!!!

i’ve been on a downer because i went shopping and came back with nice food.

felt really hungry but the oven won’t work!

i know its not the end of the world but so annoying!

have you tried calomine lotion?

i always used to have a bottle when the lads were little.

maybe its an allergy and anti-histamines could help.

carole x

Thanks both. I had one of the girls at work checking me for hand foot and mouth this morning haha.

Iv tried some eczema cream on it and the itch has stopped by il try the good old benadryl too. (Having hayfever does have its ups) xx