Anyone else want to scream?

Anyone else need to scream becoz they are so frustrated with pain or whatever your symptoms are? I’ve come off all my meds to try for a baby and sitting here in tears just so frustrated with the pain and fatigue and lack of mobility. I know I’m being a b***h to live with and I’m so fed up, I just want to scream at the top of my lungs Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Maybe feel slightly better now. Sorry, I just needed to vent to people who understand. Anyone is free to join me!!!

Hi Laura


And also Eeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooh!

You’re right - that is better!

Clare xxx

Works a bit doesn’t it!!

I know how u feel with the fatigue, pain lack of mobility. Instead of screaming thou, I’ve been having a go at my partner, resulting in a screaming match between us. It’s horrible, i turn into a monster with major mood swings, maybe its not even related to ms but the ms seems to make everthing so difficult. Need to find a way to stop taking it out on him, but dont know how, any advice would be appreciated xx

It’s so easy to end up taking it out on your family isn’t i?. I find myself snapping so easily at my boys and then feel really terrible afterwards. I don’t feel so bad with my husband 'cos he gives as good as he gets! Teresa xx

Hi lemon cupcake, I know I’m being the same. You wonder how long they’ll put up with it don’t you? Theresa - you still feel unfair though I bet, even if he gives back as good. My work started doing this health support thing where you can get confidential counselling so I’m wondering if that might help, but I worry it might not be as confidential as they say,

Hi Laura, I’ll join you! Maybe for different reasons, although all MS related, but we certainly have ‘frustration’ in common!

So…(see above)…!