Flying Bras and...


Shameless Plug Alert!

Aas a person with MS I decided to write an ebook about my life. 25% of the royalties will be donated to an MS charity so in order to try and increase the size of the donation (and yes, I gain too) I thought I would tell other people with MS about it. Please forgive me for the plug but I think it is a good way of talking about how one woman has dealt with MS (and boys, education, jobs, alcohol and other things that go with life in general). It’s available on the usual ebook sellers and they have free apps so people can read them on their own PCs etc. Here is my blurb:

Flying Bras and…

by Sam A Saxon

This is all the wrong way round. Normally people get famous for doing something and then make lots of money from their autobiography. You’ve never heard of Sam but she went and wrote her autobiography anyway, mostly to make people laugh.

You’ll quickly learn that she has two life changing disabilities. Bone idle slobbishness definitely came first but there is this MS thing that is annoyingly difficult to ignore. This book is her story in her voice about how she deals with both problems (frequently ignoring the first) and uses her humour, her stubbornness and her brain to make sure no-one will say she got left behind.

Praise for 'Flying Bras and…'
Probably the best autobiography of someone you have never heard of that you will ever read.
The author’s mother

Frankly if that’s the most I’ve ever done to embarrass her I feel like I’ve failed.
The author’s father

Witty, intelligent, full of personality and gorgeous.
A man the author met who knows what’s good for him

A brilliant read written by a woman about her exceptional life. Definitely not ‘chick lit’ or annoyingly ‘worthy’.
A famous book critic who exists only in the author’s mind

just bought it for my kindle

will post a review on here

I’ve downloaded it to my tablet

I will get round to reading it eventually.

From the sample I read, it’s going to be an interesting and funny read.


going to put my kindle on charge because i’m going for HBOT tomorrow and i get to have a flippin good read!!

Hi guys

thanks so much

you’ll be the first people to read it who I’m not related to or friends with so I really hope you like it