Lovely story in The Mail today

Hi Everyone, just finished reading a very uplifting story in todays Mail, prompted by Jack Osbournes announcement of his dx yesterday. A very apt quote caught my eye, " yes I have MS, but MS doesnt have me" really positive piece of writing, well worth a read!! Tracey xx

That is my slogan on twitter!

Hiya both

I havent seen the article BUT I know from loitering around on here for 7 years that ‘I have MS but its doesnt have me’ really p’s some folk off! Not me-I agree with you but thats because we all interpret it differently! To me it means, it can take my body, some bits of my mind but it wont take my spirit and attitude!

I am physically in a worse state now than I have ever been but mentally I have never been so strong! Because inside I am happy, I feel happy. Yes, I have to do physical stuff to my body to encourage it to function (further details not required!) but I accept each and every day as it is. I definitely dont ‘fight’ my MS. Its already a part of me-albeit an unwanted visitor but I accept that my life has changed dramatically and I use my energy for laughing and living-not fighting a battle that cant be won (by that I mean, MS goes away)

Ellie x (who has benefited greatly attending meditation classes for 2 years!)

personaly i think such a high profile person getting dx’d with MS will do us all good and pull MS a bit more into the spot light.

I agree. Very sad when ANYONE gets the dreaded confirmation, but it will hopefully help us mere mortals have some understanding for a change!!! Tracey xx

Sos to hear your not well today Linda, must admit the mountain thing was a bit, erm, extreme! It was the fact that he was describing the early days of symptoms that I picked up on. The descriptions could only be told by a fellow Mser. That he could manage to climb a mountain, well good luck I say, my stairs are an achievement for me!!! What others see as simple I suppose it might as well be Snowdon for us!! I really hope you feel better soon Tracey xx

That must be the worst metaphor ever. No it wasn’t yours chelsey; first heard it in about 2001.

No one should let MS get them.


Most annoying term to use with MS - a boss once said that to me and i wanted to hit him. I am not fit to do alot of things because I HAVE MS so I guess MS does have me but I will continue to fight it with every muscle possible. However, when a celeb gets diagnosed it does raise awareness…

Well,I personally hate the the phrase ‘I might have MS but it doesn’t have me’.It absolutely does 'have ’ me,but I try to pay it as little heed as possible.I agree with redman.If somebody said this to me,I would be strongly tempted to hit him or her.I don’t ‘fight’ it either as I don’t see the point it waging war against myself.I live with it and have good and bad days

As for having a well known person just diagnosed:it’s a shame for him,but it might raise the profile.

Brenda x

It definitely does bring attention to MS a celebrity getting diagnosed, three people told me about it yesterday!!

(It is a silly phrase. It is meaningless but if it helps then by all means use it. I wont.)

Sue x

i never said it was mine! I just said that I have it on my twitter.

This guy is actually a friend of a friend. I did not realise this when I first posted. He has had so much stick for the way that he deals with MS. Good on him I say! I stay postitive too - and if that is wrong of me then so be it.

But at my age having to cancel nights out with the girls because fatigue has kicked in or i have the wobbles can be really depressing … the only way i get over it is staying positive

On a completely separate note, great to see another LFC fan Redman!! :slight_smile:

My hubby at present is coming to terms with my incresing disability the fact that he is aware all week and doesn’t see me struggle is hard to put into words, when he asks me to do something during the week and i dont have the energy, but the mountain thing did get me, hubby said he was shattered but still did it well i now have to pick my struggles and this one would be a trip to far, I use to love walking in the hills but a recent visit to granada told me those days are truly over


Im sorry to hear when anyone gets dx, but its easy for people like jack to say ms doesnt have him, when he wont have to wait months to see a neuro for 5 mins, cant get hold of an ms nurse when you need one, & probably doesnt have a gp that doesnt have a clue about ms.

Also most of us dx with ms have young familes, and we struggle with fatigue & pain, whilst trying to hold down a job, and run a family home. Dont think that will ever be a problem for him.

Not being bitter, but his situation is made much easier because he has money. I cant even afford to get my next precription of painkillers, or change my car from a manual to an automatic because its so painful to use my left leg,

just saying life sucks for some of us, but for most of us life really sucks.

I have MS but MS doesn’t have me > vomit smiley<. URGH, can’t stand it and it’s ’ edited word ’ anyway.

But that’s just me, doesn’t mean you or anyone who likes it is wrong. Personally I like adapt and change.

I’ve been on holiday so have missed all the press reports but did see an article in the Sun >vomit smiley< ( I didn’t buy it ) with interviews with Ortise Williams and four people with MS that was pretty good. Ofcourse they loose points for being a Murdoch rag and using the term MS Sufferer, but that aside it was a good article.

Hi everyone. The article made impact cos for a change it was a positive item instead of all the sh** we usually endure. The fact that someone has brought to attention, I hope gives us all a break. The truth is I am sick of trying to explain the machanics of this horrible “affliction”. Life is certainly not easy or simple, the symptoms are profound & life changing and cause most of us so much distress & discomfort to say the least. I know Jack has the means to make his life better, but the truth is he has it, life will NEVER be the same again. We are all joined because of MS, WE can make it as positive as we can. I know how lucky I am at the mo, I also Know it can change in the blink of an eyelid, but for now I am making the most of it, I hope that WE all are, Tracey xx

Sorry for this but who’s Jack Osbourne, i’m being serious


Hopefully Jack osbournes diagnosis will raise the profile but my worry is the bad reporting in the press which I think was mainly in the USA. He had to post on twitter that he was not dying. How awful is that, not only has he had to come to terms with the diagnosis but he now has everything he says or does played out in the press. We are gonna get the scary headlines that might show a pic of him not looking too good or struggling and the headline is 'MS is winning ’ A celebrity diagnosis is big news and they all say they will fight it. But people like Steve Jobbs and Patrick Swayze who died of pancreatic cancer lost the fight and this has a massive impact on people who have the disease as every detail is played out in the press. As a cancer nurse I then have to try and pick up the pieces of bad journalism What grates me the most is celebrities who have said that one of their relatives died of MS and a cure must be found I cope with MS my way and that is the right way for me Lesley

Hi Lesley. I know exactly where you are coming from, I too work in palliative care as a dietitian. Scare stories given out in the media do cause much distress & unnessesary worry for patients & their families. In my experience the families carry the brunt of it, because the press do seem to emphasize the negatives rather than the good. This piece did however, give an impression of a man dealing with his diagnosis positively. Everyones individual, Ive witnessed patients “giving up” as Im sure you have, but I also regularly meet people who,s attitude is so infectious & uplifting it makes mine, (& Im sure yours) job so worthwhile & rewarding. I am humbled by these people & without their strength I really dont know if I could have been quite so resillient.

PS Mark, Jack is Ozzy Osbournes son, frontman of Black Sabbath!!! Me thinks you are quite young!!!

Tracey xx