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Morning everyone hope you’re all as well as you can be, just heard on the news this morning, Jack Osbourne, (Ozzy’s son) has been DX with MS, aged just 26yrs, my heart goes out to him, as I’m sure yours does, take care, Jean x

Hi Jean

I heard about this on LBC this morning, woke up hearing someone decribing their symptoms and I thought, ‘that sounds familiar’, it had become a talking point so I guess it will raise the profile of MS and yes I offer my condolences too.


Oh - after the way he changed his life around - getting so fit and doing all those extreme sports. As much as l hate hearing of anyone getting ms - having someone ‘in the spotlight’ might make the media realise how little is still known about the disease. l did hope when JK Rowling donated all that money to one of the MS societies - in memory of her mother who died of MS - that it would get more media attention. The majority - still have no idea what people with MS suffer.

When l was in hospital having my daughter 29yrs ago - Karen Osbourne was there having her first daughter. l can remember seeing Black Sabbath - in all the black leather gear - walking up the corridor to visit her. A sight l shall never forget. My GP had arrranged for me to go to this hospital [Solihull] because his son - was a doctor in the maternity unit there. And he had arranged for me to have a ‘side room’ on my own. My MS started when l first became pregnant - but l did not get a formal diagnosis for some time - but obviously, my lovely GP realised what it was and did his best to look after me.

Sad news


Oh yes,my daughter is shocked she loves the Osbournes.My heart goes out to him and his family.So young to have MS…

Bless him, I’m sure he has lots of support and love ,Saw His dad in Sabbath last weekend,just amazing. agree with Campion, he is a great role model for young people how he has taken life and ran with it over the last few years, and im sure with his personality and outlook on Life he will continue to be a great role model.

BC xx

SO sad to hear about Jack Osbourne. Hopefully this will raise awareness about MS once again.

Whilst sympathising with him as an individual, I have some concern that his well-publicised past excesses will fuel the view that MS is “lifestyle induced”, and we all brought it on ourselves somehow.

Certain people already responded to my diagnosis with an almost: “Oh dear, that’ll teach you!” kind of mentality, as if I’d been irresponsible with my health.

And I’m not, and never have been, a drug or alcohol abuser.

I think people (the non-MS aware public, I mean) will see this, and think: “Ah, reckless living is what did it”.


well I really hope you’re wrong about that Tina, my thought was although it’s terrible for him and his family, because he is high profile this will put MS on the map, finally, take care all, Jean x


Sad to hear of anyone being diagnosed. I did read one thing that he said which I liked-but cant remember what is was-will find it a later date.

Tina-hear what you are saying. I had odd drink-none for 15 years, never touched alcohol however I do have a theory as to why I have MS. Will email you this afternoon.

Ellie x

That should say,never touched drugs. Never smoked.

E xxx

That’s very sad for him and his family.I wonder what the Prince of Darkness had to say.The money they have means he won’t have to fight with doctors ,civil servants etc to get what he needs.That wouldn’t make good television, so 'praps it will not become a huge TV thing.

There will still be all kinds of people with weird+wonderful ideas circling.Remember twoshoes?

Jack,if you’re reading this, don’t panic and learn what your body needs.


I heard this programme and I was ‘happy’ that people are eventually recognising it - I have ‘struggled’ with MS for 13+ years and I hate it! WHAT THE HELL CAUSES MS - I USED TO BE FIT AND MY (LATE) PARENTS LIVED TO A RIPE OLD AGE - MY FATHER PASSED AWAY AT 86! I HATE MS!


Know it’s a bit late radio 2 are doing a phone in about m.s, it’s on now very interesting


Marcus. (It’s unfortunate as well but my blo*dy INITIALS ARE ‘MS’ - unlucky, eh?)

It’s terribly sad especially as he is a new dad but as odd as they are he comes from a very supportive family. I wish him all the best. This sounds a horrible thing to say but I bet he was diagnosed pretty quickly with not much limboland. Money does help, I wish I could find the money to go private.

My thoughts are along the same lines - I feel really bad for him (as I do for anyone who gets diagnosed with MS), but although he will face similar physical challenges as a lot of us, financially, I don’t imagine that he will have many worries. Also, much is being made of the fact he is 26 years old - I was diagnosed at 28 after having had symptoms since I was 12.

Just goes to show how indiscriminate MS is.

Luisa x

Anyone being told they have this is horrible. I just hope Jack will not see it as impending “doom”. The thoughts that must be going through his head, we all Know will be terrifying. The MS is bad enough, without all the mental torture it also inflicts. Good luck Jack, & to all who have this hanging over them. It is not the end, hard sometimes, but not the end. Keep fighting everyone, & dont give in!!! Tracey xx

I just saw the story on BBC news 24 - they concentrated on a 15 year old lassie who was diagnosed age 11, and the article was all about MS in childhood - obviously they couldn’t get an interview with young Mr Osbourne, but WTF?

L x

this is bad news and i wouldnt wish this nightmare on anybody. I cant help thinking though that with such a high profile case by watching closely we might be able to see what mr osbourne does about this and wether having that extra finance will make any difference

Adapt and overcome-I believe thats what he said.

To me that makes sense, all this ‘fighting’ talk is pointless as I truly believe that your thoughts, words, and attitude play in huge role in how you cope each and every day. Personally, I dont want to spend the rest of my life fighting but living

Ellie x