Anyone seen this ? Anyone seen this ? I appreciate not everyone’s cup of tea.

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Looks good! Just having a look properly now…

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I enjoyed this thanks carraboy!

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I have now… Thanks

will spend more time on it in the morning


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Very good.

It does prove how little people know about MS. I was the same until diagnosed.

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Strange; I don’t know if your aware Ozzy Osbourne had a scare that he might have MS but it was a false alarm:
“Family unity became even more paramount for the Osbournes in 1992 when Ozzy was diagnosed as suffering from multiple sclerosis, announced his retirement and played a farewell tour. Six months later a second opinion pronounced the diagnosis a false alarm, but the family have only now publicly acknowledged the scare.” - from this Guardian article.

So it seems to be hereditary in his family


I was aware that Jack had MS but we see very little of him here in the Uk so I don’t think that too many outside of his fans and others with MS are likely to see his website. It’s very good and full of information for those who see it, and it could be helpful particularly to those recently diagnosed.

But let’s remember it isn’t limited to our NHS so drug treatments might not be available here.

I wish everyone well including Jack.

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