anybody heard off this....

I have just read on Net about a doctor or dentist called Dr amir who is under the impression that ms doesnt exist.the claims off misdiagnosis by his patients and a recovery caught my eye,seems to me this doc believes a thing called tmj is responsible, which one way or another is to do with misalignments in the jaw and skeleton,dr amir has been fitting braces which his patient s swear by…anyone any knowledge off this,or experience. …thought id ask

Thanks for taking time to read this …

hi poppy

i have heard of it but didn’t follow it up.

there are also people who swear by seeing a chiropracter to realign the atlas.

don’t ask me what the atlas is though.

carole x

Like Carole ive heard of it,quite some years ago when i was 1st diagnosed.think it one of the ms stories that does its rounds from time to time.

Don’t know about that but I had GP still working who doesn’t believe MS actually exists. saw one at a&e who doesn’tbelieve you can suffer loss of sensation in MS…so I don’t really believe much of what any of them think/say

I think if it was that simple the government would make sure we all got cured and those of us not working got back to work.

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Jan x

Yes, several of thew “old hands” can remember “Dr” Amir.
One of his publicity team posted this over 2 years ago:
and after the thread was locked, one of the people in that thread wanted to start a new thread on “alternative treatments” which was just about …guess who.

The mods locked that thread and the person started another. The mods locked that thread so he started another. And again …

One member reported Dr Amir to the General Dental Council. He subsequently tried to get a thread going on the US MS Forum TiMS. It became obvious to several people that Dr Amir, and two of his supporters had identical writing styles, and even used exactly the same phrases. The TiMS moderators deleted the whole thread after Dr Amir started to make wild accusations.

To be really objective about this, Dr Amir does not claim to cure MS, or that he has never seen a genuine case of MS - such claims are made over other people’s names (see the previous paragraph). However, the words used in the link above, can also be seen on the web-site that Dr Amir runs:
against Dr Amir’s own name.
You might consider it strange that someone who is a dentist should run a forum by this name.
Or, put this another way, would you go to a Neurologist for a filling?


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The Atlas - is where the head meets the top of the spine. l do remember all the hoo hah about it some years ago. Think there was something on youtube. Shall look again.

But wouldn’t it be amazing if it was the answer.