Some person on another website is putting it around that I do not have MS. I am obviously one of those people; like we used to have on the MSS Website; who get’s joy out of pretending to have MS.

I can prove without question I do and am seriously thinking of taking legal action against this person.


The bliss of never venturing near any other MS website is that I know nothing of such twaddle. Why bother with legal action against someone who would probably get away with a plea of insanity - or cogfog. Not worth the hassle factor. Ignore it and move on.


Hello George,

I am sorry to read that you have seemingly been targetted by someone on another site. There really are some very strange people about, but like Liz says, it is probably better ignored as it could cause you stress, which is never a good thing with MS. Take care,


Hi Are they taking the pi**. I have read your posts nd you can see you are talking from experience, don’t get worked up & take it easy Mike

I wouldnt doubt you for a minute so just dont go on that site and stay here with us lot.

You can tell by the queries a few weeks ago about where Karen had gone and again today about Poll that we are the caring bunch.

Let it go it aint worth the stress.


I don’t use any other forums just this one ( I’m easily confused!) and from what I’ve read of your posts you come across as a very genuine person who is living with a life changing condition but still trying to help others. You will always get people like that in life it’s just best to ignore them. I’ve not been a member here for long but the way everyone looks out for each other has amazed me, I have never seen any bad feeling. I should think anyone comes on here saying things like that they will be given very short shrift by the other members. Sorry ramble over Xxxx

Thank you all for your advice; what really annoys me is he is a very old member of this website and he states somebody on the MSS website told him I have not got MS; Gowon!

Loads have met me and know I have MS. Nobody would have said that; MS obviously must affect his brain.


Does he/she work for ATOS.


What a ridiculous, vicious, petty-minded person that person must be. Ignore it Georgie. We all know better.

(Dying to know who it is!!!)

Karen x