Anyone heard of tis or had this done? It’s a procedure that put’s your atlas back into it’s proper place if it’s misaligned.

Sorry, but I think you’re clutching at straws.

I know (at least, I think) you’re an undiagnosed person, but we had a diagnosed lady here for ages, who refused to accept her diagnosis, and was (from memory) encouraging others to reject theirs - insisting there was no such thing as MS, and it was all down to a misaligned atlas.

Whole load of bunkum, if you ask me, but I do understand some people’s need to believe they don’t have an incurable disease, and instead something they can fix.

I’m not sure what happened to her in the end. She may have got banned for continually peddling misinformation. I’m pretty sure her “MS” was never cured, for all her insistence it wasn’t really MS, but just this atlas thing. She would have done better having counselling to help her come to terms with the diagnosis (just my opinion).


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Yes i am currently undiagnosed but i have been ill for 14yrs with lesions but negative LP and evoke potential tests. I can’t really accept i have ms if my neuro hasn’t diagnosed it yet really can i. Just looking at anything possible that could be helpful to my health in any way. I am not telling anyone else to try it i am just asking if anyone has heard of it or tried it.

Yes, I have heard of it, and think it’s a scam and potentially dangerous.

There’s a lot of bogus medicine out there. If you’re lucky, all that gets hurt is your bank balance. If you’re unlucky - well, who knows?

If you don’t know what’s wrong, then how do you know trying random things in the hope of a cure wouldn’t actually make things worse?

But your money, your body, your choice.


I am not hoping for a cure. Vice versa if i don’t know what’s wrong how do i know trying something wouldn’t help? I have had some relief of symptoms with an osteopath so there are some things that do help.

Hi Zipster, I am in same boat as you. My only real issue is right spasticity causing foot drop. What are your symptoms ?

Moyna xxx

I have seen a fair bit of stuff written about Atlas Realignment.

Two different schools of thought in Germany arguing that their method was safe - and that of the other school was dangerous.

  • So one of them must be wrong - but which one? And if one is wrong, why not both?

Another German who trained people in one method of realignment saying that he believed that over 90% of the population has a mis-aligned atlas.

  • This could mean that if the population evolved that way, that it was not a wrong alignment, but a normal alignment.

Then there is a suggestion that the atlas alignment could affect the blood-flow in the veins in the neck. This takes one into the CCSVI area. From here, which causes what?

I think that Tina is being too kind when she uses the word scam. To me it’s a load of complete $&£


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