Jack Osbourne diagnosed with MS

I know I read it in the metro… I thought bloddy hell he got diagnosed quick! Wish we could answers that quick!


Maybe he had symptoms much longer than he realised. I know I have put strange symptoms down to something like being tired etc and even have blamed my Tourette’s/ADD for poor memory and co-ordination etc.

I’m sure he didn’t use the NHS either or he would be waiting until hell froze over lol.

Poor chap, is what I think, right mow. His wife just had a baby too and he is only young still.

All the money in the world cannot prevent illness, disease and dying.

No one is immune.

I heard on the radio and it actually made my dad think about MS… provoked a conversation! very sad that he has been diagnosed so young, then they had stories about people after one whose husband dx’d at 29 and a lady at 23… kinda makes you feel less alone even tho its terrible that they all have to suffer with it.

True Jules.

If this raises more awareness of MS then that can only be a positive thing. Just sad that one more young man with a baby also has MS, regardless of how famous he is. He is still human.

He does these extreme TV shows too. Makes it worse when you are so physically active normally. I hope he can continue to do them for a while longer.

When I first read about it I thought about how I had just seen his dad play with Black Sabbath only last weekend and how Ozzy would have had this devastating news of his son in his head while he was performing. The show must go on…

It is terrible for someone so young though he’s not the youngest (there was a child of 2 diagnosed recently me thinks).

It’s terrible for him but as you say maybe something positive can come out of it in that it will raise the profile of MS and make people much more aware



Poor Jack :frowning: he seems like a really nice man .

I’ve not heard that news until just now and I too am quite surprised as he was so active. I adore Black Sabatth and Ozzy as well as his mum Sharon who not so long ago recovered from Breast cancer or something like that my heart goes out to them mixed with the drug ad alcohol problems of both Ozzy and Kelly that family has got lot to deal with…

I couldnt believe it when I heard it on breakfast telly this morning… it made me cry for him and his family, and then I realised at least when I was 29 yrs old I didnt even know what MS was really and at least Ive had another 10 yrs without the worry of it! Bless him, but on the positive side, this is good news for all MS sufferers as the Osbournes are nationally recognised and they will promote awarness and research even further… I just wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy let alone a nice young guy like Jack!

Ozzy is a bit of a hero of mine. A real ‘rags to riches’ story. I know I’m not the only one who is surprised he’s still alive even!

This was the first time I had ever seen him live. I sat there with earplugs and massive headache/migraine but I was determined I was not going back to the tent. No point, you can still hear it loud and clear from the camp site anyway.

Sabbath were awesome and played all my favourites :slight_smile:

I think its sad that so many of the stories are saying its such a shame as he used to be so active!

Does MS mean you have to stop doing everything?

I know some people have permanent disabilities due to MS but surely he will be able to do some of the stuff he enjoys.

Lets hope thats true nikkinanoo My mobility has been quite badly afftected and I can see myself needing awhellchair eventually just hope thats not the case with Jack as apparently he has lost a bit of his eyesight.

Who knows what type of MS he has yet and how it will affect him cognitively and physically or how he will cope with it.

MS can have devastating effects on people’s mobility and quality of life. I hope Jack copes with it best he can however it manifests. He will have lots of support whatever, something most people take for granted.

heard about jack today too,lets hope now he is diagnosed he will get expert help and meds to see his future ,and what he is able to do,light excercise and swimming and holistic help will be helpful,i think to know is a long way to reaching out for the right help.

no one wants ms,no one wishes it either ,but to have a diagnose relievs the unc

ertainty us limbo landers live with ,for so long.wishing him as well as he can be.

love boz xxx