Jack Osborne

Just seen on tv that jack Osborne is on bbc1 on Sunday at 5 past 5 on lifeline doing an appeal on behalf of the multiple sclerosis society, might be interesting to watch.

I saw this on Facebook so I shared it to spread the news amongst my FB friends. I hope he doesn’t say anything silly. I haven’t always been impressed with some of his quotes in other interviews.

Before he went on Dancing with the Stars ( the US version of Strictly) he said “It’s a hell of a disease and it doesn’t really end pretty”. I’m not sure if he just didn’t think about the effect of what he says on newly diagnosed MSers or if that’s what he truly believes as he hasn’t been dx’d that long himself. However I think he has been good for the awareness of MS since doing the show.

We will have to wait and see what he says - hopefully someone will have written a script for him …

Tracey x


I did like his take on his employer dropping him after his dx. Rang a few bells to what happend to me. But i would like to hear his take on the stem cell therapy he had in Germany, it seems to have worked wonders.



all i know re him is that he helped me enourmously during july last year and he doest even know it!

we all know hard it is to live with ms-i have no idea what it must be like to have ur every word scrutinsed. i say things that are often not understood or how i intended them to be. but i am not being quoted in the media

jack-if u ever read this i want to say thanks-not for what u say re ms but when i couldnt speak last year you were one of the topics i was encouraged to think about/try to discuss. gosh-did i come out with some gobbledegook but it kickstarted me on to communicating again. i still stuggle but can made my needs known. thank you.

ellie x

I saw an extract from the interview and was quite impressed, having followed ‘The Osbournes’ during his teenage years, he seems to have grown into a ‘nice young man’. I will watch and I’m sure we’ll have something to say about it on here. fingers crossed he helps to get the message out.

Wendy x

Hi Ellie…no it`s not Jack sorry, but Boudica!

Just wanted to say how happy I am to read his words helped you.

luv Pollx

Have made a note to self - to watch it.


ps. l was in hospital having my daughter - Feb 83 - and Black Sabbath came in - to visit - l think it was Sharon having their eldest daughter. Shall never forget the sight of them coming down the corridor in all their glory. lt was Solihull Hospital. l did not know much about Black Sabbath then - was and is a Stones fan.

Wow! What a memory!


What a memory indeed! :smiley:

Sonia x

I had my daughter in September 83, don’t they grow up quickly

As reference for MS to have a propensity to run in families; Ozzy Osborne had a scare that he might have MS but it was a false alarm:
“Family unity became even more paramount for the Osborne’s in 1992 when Ozzy was diagnosed as suffering from multiple sclerosis, announced his retirement and played a farewell tour. Six months later a second opinion pronounced the diagnosis a false alarm, but the family have only now publicly acknowledged the scare.” - from this Guardian article

Mmmm my husband was mentioning Ozzie’s shaking and saying it could be down to MS. I reminded him that Ozzie’s drinking probably causes the shaking but who knows?