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Hi Everyone

Many of you may already know about this but hey ho.

Saw an article the other night about Jack Osbourne and the way in which he is promoting his life with MS in as positive a way as possible. I think that he is brilliant, didn’t at first but he has actually helped me through some dark times over the past six months. Although not personally, but in a distant “web friend” sort of way. Being a man myself, I find talking about my symptoms very hard and to have a figure like Jack Osbourne, talking about and opening up to show the way he lives with MS has helped me immensly.

I know that he’s a celeb with money who can afford the best teatment, etc, but wow what a person to have, speaking out about MS. Somebody at work the other day actually said to me “you’ve got the same thing as Jack Osbourne, haven’t you!” and I thought WOW, (I haven’t been fully diagnosed yet), but at least he never asked me where my wheelchair was or dropped his head to ignore me. In fact, somebody from work has actually heard of MS and instead of picturing a person in a wheel chair has now seen that MS can be adaptable and a liveable condition.

I know some people might have negative views about this and others are not so fortunate, but hey, wheres your video showing me your life and what your daily struggles are? and the way you overcome lifes challenges.

Thought that I would share his web site and maybe give hope to others who are struggling to come to terms with things. I hope he updates the site and develops it.

hiya 08

my video of my daily struggles doesnt exist! i cant hold a pen so holding camera-no chance!

on to jack-he helped me loads18 months ago and he doesnt have a clue re it!

i needed to be washed/dressed/fed and couldnt speak. he was one of my main topics to try and relearn speech.

now i use a power chair and have 8 hrs of care weekly so life goes on-much different to how i had hoped but its certainly made me more appreciative of what i do have.

have a happy day, ellie

Is it not about time the society had a Patron and Jack is ideal?

I thought Tanni Grey-Thompson was patron…or was that a while ago?


No never been; last one was Princess Alice 1901-2004 since then nowt. Jack is going for research; so why not be the figurehead of the only MS Charity that does research?