Why does other peoples MS hit me so hard?

Hello all!

Hope everybody is coping well with ever changing weather conditions! Just read an article about Jack Osbourne being diagnosed with MS & i cried quite a bit, im never like that!

My own diagnosis of MS didnt hit me that hard so why do i feel it for other people when i find out they have the same disease i have? Think it was his Mum & Dad blaming themselves; Sharon questioning if it was something she had done wrong in her pregnancy, bless her.

Im not trying to put a positive on this story because there isnt one but its really good to know that Ozzy, Sharon & Jack want to raise as much awareness as they can about this disease, maybe the fact that a young daredevil extreme sports enthusiast can live with this disease will shock people in to finding out a bit more!

Hope he gets all the support he needs, we’ve all been there eh? xxx

Statistics show that only about 15% of people with MS are completely reliant on a wheelchair.

Many of us have to use them sometimes [during a bad relapse, ‘walking’ long distances] but we can still move about to some extent without one.

From the symptoms he has so far exhibited it sounds like RRMS.


I was talking to a friend I used to work beside,he told me his wife had MS,I was shocked,and this hit me like a brick,felt so sorry for her,It must be because we know how big a diffrence to ur life it can make,and not for the better

What bothers me is when someone describes some symptoms which sound very much as if it’s the beginning of m.s.

A friend of mine from school recently got back in touch with me through Facebook - she suspects that she has MS so I’m careful when I talk about mine because I don’t want to worry her unnecessarily (I think it may be MS too). I don’t get too upset when I hear about others being diagnosed, but I do feel very sorry for them - if possible, I try to help them.

Luisa x

I think hearing about other people’s actual diagnosis brings back how we felt at the point we were diagnosed.

It’s easier to cry for someone else because we feel we shouldn’t cry for ourselves maybe?

One of my thoughts about Jack Osbourne is that there is a person who lives life doing ‘mad’ things, and who I expect will carry on doing those things. Maybe not as much when he’s mid-relapse :wink:

But if young people are scared their life is over when the day they are diagnosed, maybe his diagnosis and how he lives his life well help. I hope so.

Like Luisa, I have an old school friend the same age as myself and she was dx many years ago, so yes it does upset me to hear when other people are dx’d as it has affected my friend in the most awful way. I feel for Ozzy and Sharon but they mustn’t blame themselves. .



We cry and get upset because we know exactly what other people who have MS are going through what we are going through and it hurts to know someone else is suffering it also shows we have big hearts and want to share and help others.

Ive always had the caring nature and worked in the communities I live in as a volunteer,I have even supported drug and alchol addicts.I supported people on benefits and help them claim what was there entitlmet.I supported those who need help with Social services and many many more things.

Now I am to poorley to work in the community as much but I am still giving support to others and helping some fathers keep custody of there children and supporting them when they feel low.

Now I wish I could help more.But I also see the other side of the coin that since I have become so ill those family members I supported for many years and those friends who now realise were not friends have walked away from me,not that I asked for anything but there fear of I MAY ask for help some time has them running and hiding.

I WILL ALWAYS give support to those who need it I have the BIGGEST of hearts no matter what a persons backfgound is,even more so now I have MS…

Like everyone here we wish to help and support those in need and I wish no one not even my worst enemy to ever develope MS…

Hi all, I remember my best friend from school telling me about 7 years ago that she had MS. I was horrified and felt so sorry for her. At the end of last year I rang her to tell her that I too had it. She has RRMS and I have PPMS. She was absolutely gobsmacked about my dx. Yet now we talk freely to each other about how it affects us and we know each other understands how the other feels. Teresa xx


i get upset when i read of someone whose ms is obviously worse than mine.

i have come to terms with my ms and hardly ever feel depressed.

but i am aware that it very likely to get worse and i just pray that i have the strength to face it.

i quite like my calmer, quieter way of life now. my sister is often quite frantic - shopping for clothes and going out drinking (heavily) she feels sorry for me and thinks that i don’t have any fun.

but i have just come back from a brilliant jaunt into manchester with an ex colleague who i love dearly. we went for a meal at cafe rouge at the lowry. neither of us had a drink but we both had a good laugh.

i had a glass of merlot when i got in and don’t regret for one minute that i no longer have the full bottle!

next treat day is the stone roses at heaton park with the same friend. (roll on the 30th!)

i understand what you are saying about empathising with other msers. my empathy skills are at their all-time high.

i have loads more patience with elderly people. i enjoy taking my friend’s mother-in-law out for a drive. she is in her late 80’s and has dementia but we both get on well with each other.

thanks for a good post

carole x

Thanks all for your replies, like the majority of you i got in touch with an old friend via Facebook & i was shocked to discover her Brother had died aged 31 due to complications of Primary Progressive MS; i have the sincerest empathy but in a strange way we can talk freely about MS because she is very knowledable about the different types of MS & ive distanced myself from it yet immediately feel it when somebody on here describes what they are feeling.

I’m very blessed to have her friendship in my life after all this time and im looking forward to seeing her kids at their Christening in July :slight_smile:

Jellybean, i think we’ve all been there when it comes to people “dropping” you; all i can say in your case is they dont know what they are missing :slight_smile:

Carole…the sheer envy!!! Id love to see the Stone Roses hopefully their drummer wont run out again! Hope you an amazing time xxx

Thanks very much for the replies and empathy shown; its nice to know youre not alone xxx

I agree,they do NOT know what they are missing.I am a bubbly person normaly and put my fears to one side to help others.It is there loss and they best not ask me to help them in future as now I am struggling and they are no were to be found.

I now know who my frinds are.

I to get fed up of talking about MS and having to explain myself.


I too felt sorry for Jack Osbourne and the shock it must of been for him and his family. I remember when I was diagnosed 8 years ago, the advice from the nuerologist was.".don’t worry about it you may get knocked down by a bus tomorrow, we don’t know what the future holds".( I thought was a little callous) I have had quite a few relapses and now going into secondary progressive. Because ‘Jack Osbourne’ is famous there has been a lot in the paper about MS and I was listening to ‘Jeremy Vine’ on radio 2 yesterday discussing MS. I know most people are aware of it but there are still alot of people who are not, my boss being one of them so I just hope he has read about it and know what I and others are going through.

Take care every one, this site is such a blessing with lovely people who understand.

Jacquie x

There seems to be much positivity towards Jack Osbourne so hopefully this high profile diagnosis will give MS coverage the boost it so desperately needs, i know of a few people who are now listening to Radio shows etc for more information whereas before it seemed to be a taboo subject although maybe these people thought it would be upsetting for me to discuss!

I tell very few people about my MS as im quite private and also how do you explain the many mystifying symptoms?

If i hear one more person tell me how tired they are while im trying to cope with extreme fatigue i may do some criminal damage! Hopefully this will put Multiple Sclerosis in the spotlight & help some of the newly diagnosed as well xxxx

Now that annoys me when I say I got terrible fatigue and some one says oh I am tired today like they know what I am feeling.

I think to myself firstly get a job you dole bum.Then I try to explain what MS fatigue is they switch off and talk about themselves and how they cannot afford to go out the weekend on there JSA allowance.HELLO you spent £70 of your JSA lat time you went out…

The nerve of some people,but then there is the other side of the coin were people do listen and then are pritty shocked at what MS fatigue does to us.

Yes everyone is talking about Jack,but MS suffers have been around for years and very little is highlighted about us common folk.Lets hope that now it will be highlighted enough for us all to get proper help,however the Osbournes have plent of money and will not have to wait in line for tests or results,they can buy the best wheelchairs and so on.They will not have to fight like many of us to get the help we truley and desprately need.


I understand people’s point about money and acsess to treatments etc but even with the best treatment its still a horrible disease to cope with especially for a 26 year old who has recently become a father.

Hopefully Jack wont need a wheelchair as some MS’ers dont, dont think anybody has said what type of MS he has?

My thoughts are with him & his family as they are with the user’s of this forum when describing what they are going through, too many people are struggling to cope with this disease so hopefully the Osbourne’s will highlight this monster in a way that that MS Society never quite has (where’s the advertisement, awareness campaigns? Ive never seen one yet in 3 year!)

On a “Positive” note after seeing Sharon’s reaction on her tv show yesterday, My Mum actually talked about how scared she was for me; something thats never been discussed in 3 years so hopefully this will get people talking, researching, donating etc.

Hope youre all as well as possible xx