Jack Osbourne dropped from TV show due to MS?

Here’s the story:

I read that earlier… disgusting. Wonder if he can do anything about it, as apparently they were “only in talks” with him to be on it.

Apparently Sharon dropped out of the Americas got talent (or some similar show) to show her disgust :smiley: Go Sharon!


Yes, go Sharon. I know she isn’t everyone’s cuppa but boy does she fiercely defend and love her family. I like her for that alone. She has a big gob, yes, but she gets things done.

I am on the fence about Jack though, in a way, because I read that it is a show with extreme physical challenges. I know Jack has done stuff like that before his Dx and if he feels well enough to do it then he shouldn’t be held back but I would be concerned about him overdoing things and making hmself worse or cause old symotoms to flare up. But then again, if he feels he is capable and wants to do it then go for it, I say.

Jack is never going to be one to go under easily or give in gracefully.

To be dropped due to MS though, if that is the real reason, is disgusting, yes.

Just lump everyone with MS in the reject bin, eh? I don’t think so!


I read about this and other things written about and since regarding Jack’s diagnosis.

THe worst thing about this particular situation and Jack being (seemingly) unfairly dismissed is other people’s attitudes toward disabled people!

“he’s angry, thinks he can do the things he used to do” (THINKS he can?)

“he is a liability for NBC” (so MS = liability???)

“couldn’t get insured after he got dx” (just plain wrong)

“why push him to do something he shouldn’t” (Who says he shouldnt? Why shouldn’t he?)

“help him overcome his tragic medical diagnosis” (pity the victims of the shooting in the US, not MSers)

AND this from a supposed solicitor who has done employment work with people who have disabilities:

“Diagnosis alone is grounds for altering a job”, (OMG, really? You are a solicitor??? How about ability to do the job with or without reasonable adjustments?)

“An employer needs only offer another job of comparable worth – that’s often enough.” (What a horrid attitude, enough? in who’s estimation?)

My gosh, the obtuse and judgemental attitudes not to mention inaccurate! Chilling, in my opinion. That is why the Osbournes need to contiinue to step up and educate people.