life's better with ms??? or is it me?

i feel that i'm a better person since i got ms. i dont rush around and so have more time to look around and appreciate what i see.

i have more patience and understanding.

i want to do good things for others but starting small - taking a friend's elderly mother out for a drive and tea and cakes. it makes me feel good. 

i'm happy with a lot less nowadays. 

i'm glad to be out of the rat race.

i'm wittering on and don't care!!


carole xx




Hello Carole,

                       I know what you mean (to some degree), but as well as the symptoms of MS which aren't much fun, I do regret the loneliness, as people quite simply, do treat me differently. As well as that, I am afraid that several people around me are envious of my lack of activity. It seems to be six of one and half a dozen of the other!

                            Best Wishes,


Good for you !

I agree with what you say and also what Moira says.  I have the MS fatigue and it affects me on a daily basis.  Sometimes I sleep for 6 hours in the afternoon.  Day gone.  But when you try and tell others all I get back is, well, at least you can sleep, I can't!!!!!  Drives me crackers.  Don't they realise I am sleeping in the evening, then at night, very well.  Sleeping my life away some days.  Oh well, count to 100 and the rest !!


Enjoy your day everyone



Im smiling whilst reading your message.  Yes we do have more time to see what is around us, to help others and put our disease into perspective.


Ive found its finding oneself - the bits which were never allowed time to grow is the best thing about having something to slow us down and make us think and act more the way we always wanted to but never had time.


I thank you for sharing, yes sometimes there are things about disease which brings out the best in people.  Perhaps our politicians might consider hindering themselves to try understand what the disabled have to contend with and live within limited means yet still smile through it all.


Take care,



I certainly agree that we need to take the smooth with the rough in life!   I'm glad you are doing well with making the most of things.


Hi, well everything you say is the same for me.

i had to learn to relax, to tolerate more, to judge less.............yes, you`re so right!

luv Pollx

thank you all for your replies. 

yes i'm constantly fatigued and my legs hurt most of the time but everyone has their own cross to bear.

i'm skint and missing my salary but the beautiful country side is free and only a 10 minute drive away.

so on the whole i don't regret.

my sister once asked me if i ever asked "why me?". well i can cope with it fairly well and she wouldnt cope.

anyway why not me? better me than a child having it.

i'm really hoping that i can carry on appreciating what i CAN do. please give me a kick up the backside if i don't.


carole xx



Neuron damage ?

Yes have learnt a lot I think. Used to always be chasing something... better job, better social life, more money. Now I live day to day. Don't care what people think of me. Don't plan for the future. Don't mourn for the past. Live in the moment. Appreciate small everyday stuff that used to pass me by. 

Shame it took this huge giant MS to open my eyes to what's important in life... but it is the gift of MS... for all it's awful impact on the body it can also teach some valuable lessons.

Pat x

The “me” I was before hasn’t changed with the MS - if anything, I find that I’m becoming less tolerant of numpties. But I bite my tongue and try not to let it be apparent, it’s not their fault they’re stupid. I detest having this disease and being ill all the time, and knowing that it’s not going to get better - if I’m lucky it’ll stay the same. This doesn’t make me very sympathetic to people who complain about everyday stuff, or having a cold.

The only positive thing that MS has brought me is a few new friends that I wouldn’t otherwise have met.

Luisa x

Hi All,

Iam glad that for the majority of posts,have found somthing possitive about MS.

Afraid i am in with Luisa,MS has robbed us of so  many things.

But i am glad about all the friends i have made on this forum.

Still enjoy my grandchildren,but am glad when they go.

That must make it 50-50.

Sorry just used my sativex so will shut up now.

Take Care All.