Anyone with this sort of MS?

Saw an acquaintance earlier today “how’s your ms?” She said. “I’m not too bad thanks” I replied - not because I was feeling wonderful or anywhere near ‘normal’ (whatever that is), but just because people don’t really want to know how u r and it’s just a shorthand type of answer that enables the conversation to move on! Anyway she then went on to tell me that she has a neighbour with ms - “the sort that comes and goes. She gone to Egypt for a couple of weeks cause the sunshine is good for her. The vitamin D makes her better you know”!!! Well I kind of know what she means, and I understand that people don’t really understand what it’s like… But wouldn’t we love it if this beast really did " come and go" an vit d really did “make us better” ? If only it was that simple huh?

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What a question, “how’s your MS?” Like asking how’s your pet, or an elderly relative. What are you supposed to reply? “Fine, thanks, it’s going on a daytrip to Blackpool tomorrow”! Or, “getting better, the doctor says I’m almost cured”.

I’d love the kind of MS that could go away on holiday, lay in the sun for a couple of weeks and feel marvellously better due to the vitamin D! Wouldn’t we all?


I’m guessing she must have Relasping and Remitting, before mine cranked things up I could have described it as “the sort that comes and goes”. Since then it’s never gone very far, sadly!

Yeah, wouldn’t it be great if holidays in the sun came on prescription! What would be an ideal country for MS suffers so we could get that vitamin D that we need without overheating…


Sue u made me laugh - I’d love to send my ms on a trip to Blackpool - preferably on a one way ticket! Lol (Apologies to anyone who lives in blackpool )

Jackie - why not Egypt AND the carribean??? No of course she doesn’t understand.

Jelly - yes RRMS… But it never ‘goes away’ does it huh? As for the ideal place for vit d without overheating… Hummmmm good question. I’d b happy to test out a few plac es - transported there by tardis of course so avoiding all the airport stuff! Lol

Yep, it doesn’t actually go away does it, but I can see how someone might describe remission as that, if they’re lucky enough - as I was previously - for a “full recovery” before the next relapse came along.

I put that in quotes because it’s such a misleading term and I grind my teeth whenever I see it in a description of the disease. A person’s functionality may have returned to how it was pre-relapse, but calling it a full recovery is BS because the nerve damage is still there. The messages might be able to bridge the gap once the relapse has passed but the nerve is still damaged, and always will be. How can that be called a full recovery? mutters to self

I’d be happy to do some testing too! Good call about the Tardis, definitely a necessity to avoid travel fatigue. We’d need somewhere that never got too hot, but also had a fairly dry climate to avoid nasty humidity, not the easiest of combinations to find, good job that Tardis is going to be available!

We have had posts on here from people with RRMS who love going to Lanzarote for a break - as they found the climate - hot and dry- not humid did make them feel so much better.

l will keep taking large amounts of Vitd3 plus magnesium and vit k2 as recommended - and some fake tan. [l am using Avons moisturiser with gradual tanning.]

And a good holiday read - and dream.

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I’ve been to Lanzarote, and while that was pre-MS I got to agree that dry heat is SO much easier to deal with. Of course I’d need to experience it again now to be able to give a proper opinion on this…

What benefit can I apply for that’ll give me a free holiday? Oh wait, that’s what you get when you’ve been in prison, isn’t it ;D