unexpected legs r back!

Hi.hope everyone doing well.

My news is After a year and 3 months of struggling to walk and live my life like a normal 27 year old suddenly I woke up Monday and was like back to old self??? How has this happened,was I really in relapse for that long. Also the week before was in Morocco on holidays in the sun which I no they say to avoid but cud the exposure to all this Sun have helped me? I’m shocked and delighted but also scared it wont last… ms really is so unpredictable.


Fingers crossed this will last Rose. l have heard of folk on this site - who holiday in Lanzerote - and find all their MS symptoms disappear whilst they are there. lt must be all the vitamin d3. l take 20.000ius daily but still cannot get my levels higher then 98nmols. Sunshine is good for us - its humidity that causes problems.

l think we should all be off to Morocco.

That’s great news Rose, I really hope it lasts and you continue to feel well :slight_smile: xx

That’s amazing you must be so pleased x

Hiya! Same thing happened to me, albeit a bit quicker. I had a bad relapse which affected my legs and they just would not work properly. I could walk but it felt odd and I couldn’t walk fast. Then one day I woke up and went to work and realised when I was walking around the office that my legs we’re back to normal. It’s like it happened overnight. This was about 6 months after the relapse started. I thought I was stuck with dodgy legs forever but thank god they are fine now and fingers crossed they stay that way! Oh and this was in December time so it definitely wasn’t sunshine that did it for me. I guess lesions can heal and those signals just come back one day. X


IF I next get ill I am off to Morocco! yippee.

I will save this post and show it to my husband!