Another change of username...

I’ve decided to change my username for the same reason as Sunshine…my old one was too obvious if anyone I know is reading! So Emma-C has now become choccyholic… Bet no one can guess the meaning!!! X

Haha! Love the new username :slight_smile:

I just hope I didn’t alarm you both when I said mine was pretty obvious!

Sonia x

No not at all I had been meaning to do it for months after realising that you can easily figure me out and also after realising that my posts appear on google with my username which is why I wanted to change it. Privacy is key and all that! So no you didn’t scare me you just reminded me! So thank you

No, me neither! If been planning to change it for a while but didn’t have any inspiration for an alternative! X

LOL, I should probably change mine since I can’t dance for toffee now… but I’m not quite reading to give up on the idea just yet :wink:

Never give up- who knows whats round the corner! Pma is what I try and go by - positive mental attitude! Or some may say positively mental a**ehole! :slight_smile:

I may change my username, but I can’t think what to change it to. I also use a name made up of the name of two cats we used to have, but I’m getting bored of that too.

MadCatWoman might work!

How about Elsie…ell c ?

MadCatWoman could probably apply to a lot of us! :slight_smile: Go for it Ellen :wink:

Sonia x

Hi Emma

Yep, like that user name. The only problem is that if you get an avatar to match I’m going to have an even bigger problem than I already have.

I think you would have liked the cakes I made for my friends yesterday. A chocolate cupcake with a swirl of chocolate buttercream and dipped in melted chocolate, then left to set. Seriously chocolatey .

Ellen - you sound like my friend. I bought her a Mad Cat Lady mug as she has always kept three cats. Luckily she wasn’t offended lol.

Tracey x

Very good Emma. We con’t tell anyone. Your secret is safe with us!!

Shazzie xx

Meant WON’T not CON’T Sorry!


Oh Tracey, you’ve made my mouth water and tummy grumble!!! Chocolate is a huge weakness of mine! Yum yum!

Ha ha ha, that was a bit naughty of me, wasn’t it . They’ve all gone now, I can’t imagine how that happened … !!

Tracey x

I was waiting for mine to be sent over!! Well I made chocolate muffins with chocolate chips (white and milk chocolate) yesterday so can’t complain!

now it’s my turn to be jealous. Cakes always taste better if someone else made them … Where’s mine?

I sent them by carrier pigeon - bloomin pigeon she ate them all didn’t she!!!

Well, you might have known! Bloomin’ pigeons. I shoo them away when they come and eat the bread that I put out for my sparrow family lol!

Guess I’ll have to stick to my m&m’s - I’m trying the new ones with the crispy centres. It’s supposed to be a sharing bag but Jamie doesn’t like them so I’ll just have to manage on my own :wink:

Oh gosh are you going to manage to struggle through - it will be tough but we are all here behind you for support! Do those m&ms!!! Show them who’s boss!