New username

Hi, Just to let anyone who’s interested know I have changed my username from Laura P to Leora. I am a Leo and do love lions so it seemed right! Plus how cute is the avatar?! Lx

I’d recognise you thru the avatar :slight_smile:

Sonia x

I have changed the picture. It was an avatar of a mum & bubba lion. It shows in my profile page but not on the boards? Should have gone with technophobe! X

Hi Laura

Loving the new name. Re the avatar, perhaps it will update overnight? If it shows on your profile page, you must have done something right.

Tracey x

Thanks Tracey, seems to have worked now! x

Oh, that’s cute. I was at the zoo on Saturday and spent some 10 minutes watching the tigress washing her cubs. I could’ve stood there for ages if my legs weren’t killing me …

Good name hun.

My fav wild animal is the tiger…I love lionessess too, but lions are just so chuffin` lazy!


I joked to my dad and said if there’s such a thing as reincarnation I’d like to come back as a cat because all they do is sleep, eat, sleep some more etc. Then my dad spoilt it by saying that, knowing my luck, I’d come back as one of the feral cats on his allotment having to scrap about for food etc. Awww, dad, you grumpy old man, you ruined my daydream …

I echo the love of tigers - how can something orange and black with white spots on their ears hide amongst grass?!?! But I’ve seen programs which look just like a landscape and then - poof - a tiger (I don’t mean a poof tiger - its special effects).

Your baby lion looks so cute - if only mummy lion could let us play together without ripping me to shreds