Yet another Username change


I have joined the trend and changed my username too. After being Brog64 for so many years I thought it was time to change it to something that meant something a bit more meaningful and so I have chosen Victoria as that is the State in Australia where I live and I chose the Leadbeater’s Possum as my avatar as it is Victoria’s Faunal Emblem. But more importantly this tiny little possum is severely endangered and after the severe bushfires and the ongoing logging in its habittat it is even more threatened. There is a large campaign on to try and protect this vulnerable little creatue so I thought this was a way of spreading its message even further around the world.


Nice possum, B.


Too confusing!!!

Victoria who’s Belinda?

My brain won’t cope :frowning:


OK Belinda - will try to get used to it. I’m sure we will with time! Teresa xx

I like it B. Nice to have a change eh?

Shazzie xx

Like the name change, lucky you live somewhere pretty sounding - my hometown would make an awful name!

The possum is very cute, sad they are so endangered, hope the awareness week has done some good.

Laura x

Thanks all and sorry Karen


Just in case you were starting to think you could get your heads around the name change and remember that Brog is now Victoria I have changed my name again

Victoria was sounding a bit too old fashioned so I am now PossumSaver in direct recognition of the plight of Leadbeaters Possum…

No more changes, promise. I’ll start to forget who I am soon


Much better :slight_smile: Kx

Thanks for explanation Belinda… I thought I was losing it… LOL…

Love the new name and avitar!

Pat x

I am no longer confused! Teresa xx

Just a little cognitive test I am running…

You all seem to have passed


I like that one B.


If you lived in Scunthorpe could you use that as a user name or would you be filtered off?

ah…thought so…

just able to reply i chose kang because it is the one eyed alien from the simpsons and thanks to double vision thats how i feel xxx

Hi, think Snow Leopard started a trend of changing usernames.

I love my new one and can currently be found charging around shouting Im 60. How the chuff can I go to work…and who the chuff would employ me anyway?`

luv Pollx

Yes… I started the trend!

Not that i’m big-headed or anything… LOL… Trendsetter would be a good user name!

Agree Poll… who the hell would employ us? Even I wouldn’t employ me. And I could supply myself with great character references…

Pat x

And just look what you started, Pat. Nobody knows who anybody is anymore


Anyone who’d been away from the forum for a while would think loads of people were missing! Teresa xx