Changed my User Name


I have changed my User Name from Sharon46 to Sheperdess as I think Sharon46 is a bit boring and Sheperdess is more apt as I have a beautiful German Shepherd, Charlie, who is in the avatar.

Tale care.

Shazzie xx

Good name, and Charlie is a handsome boy.

I thought about changing my boring user name too and considered Capra, which is Latin for female goat, to match my avatar. Sad to say, I then noticed that the second definition of Capra was ‘odour of armpits’, so it is back to the drawing board for me, I’m afraid. :slight_smile:

Alison (still)

Awwww Alison. What a shame but it did make me laugh! Capra is such a pretty word too. There must be something else you could use to describe female goat. I will put my thinking hat on!! (If I can find it). Hehehe!

Shazzie xxx

Hi Alison

I have been thinking and searching on the web and the only thing I could find for female goat is Doe or Nanny which isn’t too imaginative is it? Apparently Daisy is a well used name for a female goat. I will keep thinking.

Shazzie xx

I don’t think anyone actually knows that Capra means under-arm smell… well of course we all know now you’ve told us!

How about ‘Capricorn’… that’s a goat in astrology…

Pat x

Oooh and Shazzie I love the new name!

Pat x

Thanks Pat. It’s better isn’t it? I looked at the other User Names on here and thought after 8 years it is time for a change.

Capricorn would be good Alison. Like you said Pat I had no idea that Capra meant under-arm smell. Mind you if you use a fragrant deodrant then the smell would be nice. No. Perhaps Capricorn is better seeings you have told us. lol

Shazzie xx

Hi, I also like your new username.

My original one was very boring, so I love my new one.

luv Pollx

Shazzie, Charlie is a lovely Shepherd, no wonder you want to use the name

And Alison, just go with G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time)


Ahhh. Thanks Poll and B. Charlie is lovely company. Although he is more like a donkey than a dog!!

Hope you are feeling better today Poll xxxx

Hi, no, not feeling too good today. Got a sore belly…trapped wind I think…where`s the movicol? And the wees are still urgent.

Tomorrow is my weekly outing, which I really look forward to, so gotta be right for that.

luv POllx

Thank you for the suggestions, Shazzie, Pat and B. Daisy sounds a bit domesticated for my sort of goat, though. Capricorn sounds great, but it means goat horn, which sounds too much like something a gentleman would stir into his tea to put a spring in his step. G.O.A.T. made me laugh out loud, but my blushing avatar insists that modesty forbids, despite her being a very fine goat, if a bit on the shaggy side.



How about “Heidrun”, the Norse she-goat who nibbles the leaves of Yggdrasil, the World Tree, and from whose udder flows an unending supply of mead for the heroes of Valhalla? Sounds rather good


I believe Minseach means nanny goat in Irish Gaelic?

Heidrun sounds like the perfect goat for any man, that’s for sure - every home should have one. A bit hard to spell or remember, though, and the same goes for the excellent Minseach. Thank you both, Anu and B. A

Shorten it to Heidi then…


Shepherdess, perhaps I should be Heidi, and join you on livestock-tending duty.

or Minnie !!!

Or Hi Minnie…

Or Minnie Hi Hi…