Changed Back to Shazzie


Hope you are doing as well as can be.

I changed my Username to Happiness a few months ago but couldn’t get used to it after being Shazzie on here for some 12 years so I decided to change back to Shazzie. I’m all back to normal now (well, as normal as I can be).

Some of my old mates on here have been a bit confused with the name change, some saying they couldn’t get used to the change in name. Confusion over maties. Mind you I’m still happy.

Thanks Steph for your help with this.

Shazzie xx


Welcome back Shazzie.


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Shazzie is a good name. I like it.



Thanks goldrat and Poll.

It didn’t feel right being Happiness. I am happier now I am back to being Shazzie.

Shazzie xxx

I kept forgetting you had changed hun so I thought you were just being quiet. I’m glad to have my Shazzie back

JBK xx

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Awww thanks Kelly. What?.. me? … quiet?

Hope you’re doing ok Kelly.

Shazzie xx