It's me... PatB aka Snow Leopard

Hi all, for reasons I won’t bore you with, I’ve changed my user name to Snow Leopard.

Tried to change the picture too (the picture is uploaded & is showing in the ‘edit’ bit but not on here… anyone know why?)

Anyway, I’m still me… I’m still PatB…

PatB x

Hello Snow Leopard Pat!!! Thank you for all your useful benefit and anti ConDem posts

Oh dear, I’m going to get hellish confused with that! :wink:



Where did my smiley face go!!!

I don’t know Anu… but it’s possible that by trying to change my picture I’ve messed up the whole forum

Would be typical of me!

PatB x

I think it may be my phone that’s having a wobbler!

Welcome again! ‘Snow leopard’ sums up the weather at the moment too…brrrrrrrrr.


Oh my picture changed… by magic it seems…

PatB x

Ah, had to do a forced refresh (F5) for it to change here…



F5 worked for me as well.

Love the image by the way.


Hi Snow Leopard,

Hope my memory retains this vital bit of information and doesn’t muddle you up with Mountain Lion Or are you not a Mac user?


No I’m not a Mac user… but if that Mountain Lion comes anywhere near my den he knows what he’ll get!!!

Thanks for the F5 info… it rings a bell somewhere in the cobwebs of my brain…

Thanks Dr Geoff… I like your image too which I think has also recently changed?

Pat x

Hi Pat and welcome snow leopard…

Looking good snow leopard!

Oooooooo - nice photo :slight_smile: