It's me... PatB aka Snow Leopard

Hi folk, for reasons I won’t bore you with, I’ve changed my user name to Snow Leopard.

Tried to change my picture to but doesn’t seem to have worked…

Anyway I’m still me… still PatB…

PatB x

I hope this doesn’t mean you have become an endagered species.

never thought of that… but I am hard to find… I hide in the mountains & blend into the backround… and you wouldn’t want me chasing you!

PatB x

I wouldn’t want anyone chasing me. I’m not very good at getting away. Nice weather for you today otherwise you’d just be Leopard.

OK Pat, Glad you let us know or I’d have wondered where you were! Thanks, Teresa xx

Hi Pat

Thanks for letting us know…lovely name by the way.

Have a good weekend everyone, trying to snow here.

Pam x

I love your user name, I hadn’t lost youtake care, hope everyone has a good weekendM

Thanks my lovelies…

Freezing in London! Made the big mistake of venturing out!

Keep warm and cosy everyone,

Pat x

Leopards dont change their spots…so you are still you…I`m glad about that!

luv Pollx

Who needs to go to China when Wood Green is so close. Beware of camera traps.

Hmmm didn’t realise I’d been caught on camera!

Lovely bit of film… thanks Whammel…

Pat x