walking funny

Well went to see my friend today who I haven’t seen iver summer holidays and when I got there she asked if Id hurt myself. I said no and asked why and apparently its because I’m walking funny so she thought I must have hurt myself. Odd because I wouldn’t have said there was any change to my walk that I have noticed Axx

You’ll be walking even stranger now as you’re trying to see how you’re walking!!! Or is it just a case of too much sticky toffee??

Lol, I know what you mean though. I walk into the playground and I get people asking if i’ve hurt myself. I just laugh now and say that it’s just a wonky day!! :slight_smile:


Damn you Sharon you’ve got straight to the sticjy toffee heart of the matter. Lol. To be honest someone I know the other week said they felt normal after watching me wave my arms in front of me because the tile floor gad a stripe of darker ones which always throw me cos I can’t tell if its a step and think I’m going to fall. Looks ridiculous to other people Axx

Thought as the original sticky toffee pudding lover I had better join in :wink: No one would be under any illusions about my walking unfortunately as I now walk very slowly with a limp due to spasticity in my leg and a numb foot. I got told today that I didn’t need any physiotherapy though.

Why don’t you need physio? Barmy. Do they think its pudding related lol. Oddly its not the first time I’ve been asked if I’ve hurt myself in my last job people would ask me the same now and again and say it looks like I was limping Axx

I am aware that I walk differently these days, due to my right leg not behaving as it should any more!

I can totally understand where you are coming from with regards to flooring…I can’t cope with going from one flooring to another, or with highly patterned flooring, such as the chequered ones you mention…I have to stop, look really hard, try and get my brain to register and then walk on. Really weird!

After much research and soul searchinb, however, I have come to the conclusion that I may well be suffering from a severe lack of sticky toffee pudding, and feel I need an intense course of treatment to rectify this as a matter of urgency. I know the good old medical profession hate self-diagnosers, but I am pretty certain on this one and am going to try an initial course of treament asap before consulting my GP.

I will start by taking a large dose of sticky toffee pudding, together with an equally large dose of hot, creamy custard, once a day and see how I go. I will let you all know how I get on. Wish me luck.

Omg I think you might be on to something. In the interest of research I’ll try this toi Axx

Hi, this reminds me of my early days when walking had become different. When visiting my parents, they would watch me arriving, via a cctv system in their block of flats. Mum would say, Youre limping.I would sayNo im not! I tried to hide it as it did get more noticeable, but they had x ray eyes and always mentioned it. dad advised me to get a stick.

I dont need a chuffin stick!` I would reply.

I did get one and said to dad, Ive got a stick. Happy now?`

He replied, No, i am not happy. I wish you didnt need a chuffin stick!`

Cant walk at all now!

hey-ho, were still here, eh? Mum and dad arent, bless `em.

luv Pollx

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Aaaah Poll parents are always right aren’t they. Thanks Axx

Aaaahhh…my Mum would always know if I was having a bad day, however much I tried to hide it from her.

arwen - apologies for hijacking your thread earlier. I hope you don’t think I was trivialising it in any way xx

OOH Sticky toffee pudding therapy on the NHS sounds like a brilliant cure all!! The only down side that I can see is that our walking may get decidedly worse because we will all be the size of houses!! But hey at least we’ll be blissed out on toffee. I’ll still have mine with vanilla ice cream though Purpledot!!

And yes parents are always right…well that’s what I tell my kids!!! :slight_smile:

S x

Not trivialising at all Purple. I take sticky toffee pudding very seriously lol Ax

Can I join the ‘walking funny brigade’. ? After 10 weeks of walking funny I thought today was the day when I walked normal. It lasted for about ten minutes and the limp returned. I feel like I am walking with two sticks down my trouser legs. I have had X-rays done to see if there are any age related changes which would warrant physio as opposed to neuro physio. I have bought a stick after my Partner said it felt like he was dragging me around however I only use it on rough ground and under duress. Yvette

Hmmm this could almost be ministry of funny walks. Oddly enough I saw a chiropractor 10mths ago after nearly a year of what I thought waa plantar fasciitis as I had such bad heel pain sge treated me and said it wasn’t quite in right place to be plantar fasciitis but also watched me walk stand on one lef etc and said something about muscle not fully sending messages to other ones in my leg etc. Not gone down stick route yet aa some days I feel fine. Axx

I have gone down the stick route. Did so while on holiday. It was the only way I could get around when having to walk so much! It was also great for keeping the kids in line :slight_smile: At the moment I don’t need to use it but it’s great knowing it’s there if I need it

S x

Ha ha dual purpose stick I love it. Probably will end up heading down that route especially when its darker but holding off although now you have pointed out extra use may change mind lol Axz

Hey, also great for stopping the kids getting to the pudding before you!! hehe :slight_smile:


I have had special insoles made as I was putting my feet down wrongly when walking, making the bulge by my little toe joint even bulgier. I mean, narrow ankles, wide across the front. Getting shoes to fit my duck feet is a right pig. I now wonder what is making me walk like that? Could be totally unrelated to possible ms and more to my subtly wonky pelvis. Now I’m watching how I walk though. I have been swerving into things, like my brothers knee today as he sat on the sofa. I meant to walk past him, I really did. No sticky toffee pudding for me thanks. Unless its treacle tart :wink:

Even if I wanted to use a stick I couldn’t as my hand is worse than my leg and foot, so I couldn’t hold it. However, I think the sticky toffee pudding remedy might be in order!

I am always knocking into things, doors, walls, people and sometimes I just do it and sometimes I am thinking about where I am going ie pass this woman to get to the shop and it is as if I misjudge my own bodily space and she takes a hit!!