Help and advice please

Hi everyone,

Hopefully I won’t rabbit on and not make any sense, I am really nervous about this as you all seem so informed and rational. I am uninformed and irrational [ I first posted this on someone eles’s post cos I didn’t know how to do it. Sorry to the person].

I am 48 and for the past couple of months my walking has deteriorated to the point that I can’t walk further than 50 yards without needing a rest. 70 year olds are tutting behind me because I am holding them up!! I also seem to ‘swing’ to the right when I walk and I can’t stop myself from doing this. My lovely sons seem to find this hilarious as they say I walk like a duck!!! I have also been experiencing a circle of bright light in my left eye which grows bigger and bigger until it vanishes. This takes approx. 10 minutes to clear. I am also suffering with extreme fatigue, but although I need to go to bed my mind stays active and I don’t sleep. The strangest of all [ please don’t laugh] is that sometimes when I have a cold drink I seem to forget to swallow???

My GP has had my bloods done and they have come back normal. Today I went back to see her and she tested my legs, eyes, reflexes and balance. She told me that I needed to see a Nueroligist but because the first appointment isn’t available until the middle of June she has arranged for me to see a Medical Consultant at the local hospital tomorrow. As I was in shock when she told me this I forgot to ask her any questions [muppet]. So I am confused as to how this will help me as surely I will still need to see a Nuerologist?

Hope you can help and thankyou for time reading this.

Helen x

hi helen

you know that thing where you forget to swallow a drink? i do that all the time and now my family just say “she’s got a drink problem”

maybe the medical consultant won’t be able to do much but its worth a try.

anyway it will be interesting how he reacts to your duck walk!

carole x

Hi Helen,

I think really walking sideways is what a Crab does; Ducks waddle, lol.

Yes you’re right you need a Neurologist; they are the only people who can diagnose. The middle of June believe it or not is not that bad 2-3 weeks.

This will give you some idea what to expect

Even if you go private it will cost ya and only speed it up a couple of weeks. Don’t forget to ask if they can give you an MS Nurse; some hospitals can; some can’t.



Thanks for both your replies, they made me laugh. Firstly the ‘drinking problem’ sounds like a good idea especially if it includes vodka lol and I love the idea of a lop sided crab.

I have seen the medical consultant this morning and he has arranged for me to have an MRI in the next four weeks, so just need to wait for that and as you say that is not long in the scheme of things. I have also had my B12 checked this morning not quite sure what this does but think that a low level can have some of the same symptoms. So I have now decided [I am a drama queen] that this is what is up with me.

Thanks again hope to speak to you again soon

Helen x

Hi Helen,no, mid June is quite quick for a 1st visit to see a neuro.

Next time you go to any medical appointments, I would write a list of questions./symptoms.

It is so easy to forget what we want to say, as nerves take over.

I always take someone with me as a second pair of ears can help.

Also I tell this person what I want to say and ask them to prompt me if I get muddled.Last week at a urology appt, the doctor was asian and with his strong accent and my deaf ear, I did get muddled. So it was a good job I had taken someone with me.

Good luck with the next round of visits/tests.

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll, thats really good advice. I think its really difficult to admit at first that you need help, but learning as I listen to all the people on here.

I totally know what you mean as I am also deaf in one ear although my family dispute this and claim I have ‘selective hearing’ wonderful to have such a supportive family lol

Helen x

Hi Helen and a belated welcome (seeing as your post is now two days old!) :slight_smile: B12 deficiency can cause all sorts of neurological symptoms so it’s a definite possibility. Fingers crossed! If you haven’t already, have a think back over your life about any strange episodes to tell the consultant when you see him next, eg when/how did you go deaf in one ear (could it be neurological?); if not, is there anything else? Karen x

Hi Karen thanks for your reply. This forum is very special without it I would have been self diagnosing, I don’t know at this point what is the matter with me [if anything lol] never mind ms, but reading the posts and listening to you guys has made me realise that whatever it is with support and a communal sense of humour it can be dealt with.

Just one question though which you may know the answer to. When the consultant checked the reflexes in my arms they were fine just a little movement, however when he did my legs it was like a bolt of lightening had been sent through my body, couldn’t stop shaking for several minutes after each one [he kept doing it and telling me to relax!!!] is this usual?

Helen xx

Well, it’s not normal in healthy people, but it’s sort of normal in people having neurological symptoms in that it’s normal for us to have abnormal reflexes! The abnormalities vary a lot, but I’m sure others will have had your experience. The first time my GP tested my knee reflexes, he had to very quickly move his head out of the way as my whole leg shot up in the air :slight_smile: Kx