hi after 13years of balance and walking problems among other symptoms which my own doctor put down to my diabetice, thyroid and low blood pressure and iron deficinca now these hav all stablised and theres no excuse anymore to me still having problems rite now i am very ill i havent slept well in months because wen i lie down everythin starts to spin i try and stand to go to the toilet i fall bac down again cant walk that great . i am a care assistant and my doctor sent me bac to work after telling her i dont feel safe for myself or my residents i look after but hey it was get on with it. after a few falls at work she eventully is sending me to an M.S specialist . hope to get the appoitment in soon . i will b so glad to hav tests done

GPs have a lot to answer for

The lack of understanding of neurology is absolutely staggering at times, as is the lack of empathy.

I hope your appointment comes through soon, and you get some answers at last.

Karen x