Ive just returned from the gp , referral has been sent to nuero 3 days ago.Gp doesnt think its MS because my symptoms are non specific and it didnt start in my eyes no doble vision , although i do get a pain in eye , gp thinks maybe fibromyaglia although she doesnt know . I have been getting problems with balance , poor muscle tone in legs , hearing problems , I have menires disease for about 10 yrs , had my first episode of numbness in face and feeling the skin was hanging down my face about 15 years ago which i had a brain scan was told not MS and that was the first time i had even though about it . over the years more and more things have happened although could always put it down to other things ,meniries ,problems with legs etc . now iam still none the wiser and fed up . It seems everytime i come to terms with the feelings something else happens , 

Recent episode . numbness in legs ,feet and hands , pins and needles ,feeling of something is stuck in my throat ,although i know there isnt . feeling like iam being pushed back when i walk ,and tightness in my chest ,not feeling iam aware also knocking into things and feeling like iam tripping over things that arent there . 


I just want the Nuero to hurry up .

sorry for rambling .

Hi there - not sure I can help you but for what it's worth... your doc shows some ignorance by saying you have to have visual problems with MS - you absolutely don't! I hope you actually don't have it but you certainly need further tests. Hurry up that neuro appointment!


Ty so much debc . I think its the pushing and shoving over the years and putting symptoms to other things and being ignored i pray i don t have it ,but if i do i know i will be ok with the love and support that is on this site 


Bless you all xx


I think you've put your finger on it, saying that just when you've come to terms with one thing, something else comes along.  That is so true.

No wonder you are fed up.  But at least you are on the road now, and I hope that they get to the bottom of your problems, whatever they are.  You have been battling things for a long time without any clear idea what the matter is, and that puts an awful strain on a person.

The General Practitioner is just that - 'General.'  GPs rarely know much about MS, unless they happen to have patients or family members who have it.  They should know enough to know when to refer a person to a specialist neurologist, but they are not experts themselves.  I think keeping a completely open mind and waiting to see what the neurologist has to say is your best bet.

I hope things get moving for you soon.  Even when you've been waiting a long, long time, once you get the ball rolling it can suddenly be hard to be patient!  Just try to take it steadily, and I hope you get some answers soon.