Symptoms and very worired

for the last 10 days i have been having the following symptoms -

constant rining in my ears

dizzy/lightheaded spells

very blurry eyes(especially 1st thing in morning)

palpitations (even when i walk to bathroom and back it pounds faster)

mild headaches

sore lower back

sore shoulder

always yawning

tingling in hands

numbness in finger

pins and needles in feet

had this on and off for 2-3 years usually every 3 months i get it, anyone relate to these as what they felt like when 1st diagnosed?

I have been to doctors 6 times in last 2 and 1/2 years been tested numerous times for diabetes,taken blood had a ecg and a ultrasound and havent found anything???

Hi, I can relate to some of your symptoms. There are so many different symptoms to ms ans similar conditions that you need to ask your go for a nuero referral. Do not be fobbed off by your gp, if your gut is telling you there is something wrong act on it now. I didn’t and now it turns out that I have had ms for 10 years or more while everything was blamed on fibro. Good luck, Ann

hi dan

the pins and needles were my first symptom.

it spread from just one foot to both feet and soon after to both hands.

my gp was fantastic and referred me to neurology.

he also prescribed citalopram because he felt it would help me cope with the diagnosis procedure.

it’s just not fair how some lucky blighter like me get a suportive gp whilst some poor folk dont.

get back to gp and insist on a referral.

good luck

carole x