walking backwards

Hello all.

I put a post on EL about me being a weirdo but thought I would ask on here aswell.

As part on my physio programme at balance clinic I had an assessment yesterday,and it was during this assessment that my legs had a tizzy fit but we discovered I could walk really well…backwards!!!

Now while this is very nice to know I dont see it being much use in the practicalities of life.

I accept no responsibility for any of you trying this at home…as mine was in the capable hands of a nurse!!! Oh go on have a go and see what happens, or does anyone also have this??

Any thoughts or stories of where it might help gratefully recieved or indeed anyone who can explain why!!!


I can only assume that the bit in the brain that coordinates backwards walking is OK and the bit that does forward isn’t! Hmm. Or that the lesser need for a visual input somehow helps (is your vision a bit dodgy?) and/or the fact that you probably had your eyes fixed on something not moving when you went backwards. How weird though! LOL!

I am brilliant in bare feet, but put shoes on and I need my stick. Also weird, but probably more understandable cos there is more input to work from with bare feet.

MS is very peculiar!

Karen x

He he :slight_smile: Just read your EL thread. Trust me to go straight for neurology and not think of the obvious - not having to lift the toes - much more likely! :slight_smile:

Hmm. I wonder if there’s something to my bare foot thing that I hadn’t thought about? Will need to experiment!!!


Hi Pip

Walking backwards really well made me laugh. At the moment I have most trouble walking round corners as I seem to stagger round them. Perhaps I should be tackling them backwards :smiley:

Paula xx

Thanks for the replies…I was barefoot!!!

Tell you what its going to help show the msers amongst us out in the community…anyone going backwards is one of us.


Maybe we need someone to design helmet with wing mirrors ? Frank

I always tell my kids I have eyes in the back of my head to make them behave. Walking backwards should be easy for me. Xx

Have you tried it yet Nikki?

Poll also gave me a tip to try it for coming downstairs and hey presto it works.

I doubt the physio will be impressed but it stops me avoiding going upstairs in the day. Now I know I can get back down without putting my hips out I can do more which has got to be a good thing.


I’ve taken to walking downstairs sideways, holding on to the wall and banister, til i bashed my knee really hard on friday… doh… since then ive forced myself to try walking normally down them, rubbish posture and balance or not, otherwise im gonna be covered in bruises lol


LOL…yes but can we please ask for the helmet to be in various designs & colours 'cos as a child I had to wear a (very bright) canary yellow floral swim cap which has haunted me to this day…

Debbie xx

Hi everyone! i just thought of an important addition to the “walking backwards” helmet or as ive renamed the “HELL MET” : ))))

this is a special safety feature and its a big red flashing light! this will help avoid any collisions while out doing your weekly shop! it also help reduced your “hell met” insurance premiums!

You lot are all nutters you know!!!

Rubina please tell me it was one of those with the floppy flower petals on not just the print to make my chuckling complete!!


Hi Pip, I just couldn’t resist trying to walk backwards after reading your post, so I got my hubby to face one way and I faced the other and held onto his arm. I could actually walk backwards easier then forwards, mind after a few yards my legs were killing me. We came back indoors and my son said see you later then and walked out of the kitchen backwards!! I just ceased up laughing. So thanks for making me laugh.



I knew there would be a few of you who would try.

Had my balance class again today and due to short staffing there was 3 of us to a bar!!!

The other 2 were 78 and 82 and they put me to shame. The 82yr old did 10 mins treadmill and 10 mins bike before the bar.

Sadly when it came to me it took 2 nurses as they both said I scared them…and I truely dont see myself as badly affected.

I said about taking the going backwards(which I again excelled at) that one stage futher on the stairs and they as I suspected wouldnt condone it ,but also agreed if it felt safer then who were they to say.

The next thing in this bid to make me balanced!!! was walking forwards and backwards on my heels-----come on then how many of you can do that???

To add insult to injury I then had to do my hospital lap…the 82yr old kept waiting for me to catch up bless her. It started to rain half way round so she legged it in but waited at the front door so we could still go back to the gym together. Very quietly she added never mind dear I bet you can do loads of other things that I can’t.

I’m trying very hard now not to go to sleep