Walking side to side? Is this normal?

After recent balance/vertigo issues I find myself walking side to side instead of feet walking one in front of the other. Any one else experience this and if so can anything be done?

I am currently on Stemitil to help.

Hi Em Gem, I guess this is because of the vertigo ? Hope it eases soon x


I don’t know for sure if we’re talking about the same thing, but it’s quite common for people with MS to sort of swivel at the hip to bring each leg forward, because they have foot drop, so if they swung it through in the normal way, it would scuff on the ground.

I know I tend to rotate at the hips when walking - so no, it’s not normal, as in “right”, but yes, it’s very common.

Not sure if this was quite what you meant, though.



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My feet are fine, it’s more like pregnant waddling or if your fat and you waddle side to side not one foot in front of the other, if that makes sense!

Your best bet is to get a physio to do an assessment and advise an exercise programme to help correct the problem.

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I have a mild waddle effect to my walking at the moment, and I’d say that is always there in the wings waiting, regardless of how well I might be able to walk when I start out. How long it takes it to come to the fore changes all the time for me. One time I was able to get to the sorting office and back (a 15 minute round trip) and the waddle started on the homeward journey and I was veering about by the end of it. Another time I only got as far as the letterbox (2 minutes away) and I was veering all over the place. So you’re def not along in this. :slight_smile:

I have one of those aerobic strider things, and if I could only remember to use it I’m sure that would help me out! Actually, I’ll go and have a play on it right now!

*alone, not along, sorry ><

hi em

i actually walk sideways like a crab first thing n the morning when have 5 seconds to get to the loo!

it’s the only way i can hurry without taking a fall.

so i’m officially a crabby old woman!

carole x

Sorry pressed anonymous by mistake

Thanks May98, I have been trying the same thing, walking to a fixed point about 10 steps a couple of times a day, seems to be working. I was also bumping into people, will speak to my Ms nurse tomorrow about maybe having some therapy .