Unsteady walking :-/

Hey guys… Does anyone ever get really unsteady as in whenever they are walking espesh beside someone else that they are constantly going to lean into or bump into them?! I am by no means as bad as I was before my treatment of steroids one month ago when I was first diagnosed, but I still find myself veering to one side whilst walking and I ma really conscious of this. As this is all new to me I have lots and lots of questions and this board has been a lifeline since I joined last week! :slight_smile: great to hear from everyone Ash x

This is me too. I tend to lean left to try to enabe my right foot (which is dropped) to clear the ground.

Moyna x

Hi Ash, happens to me too but as of yet haven’t a clue what is wrong with me. The number of doorframes I have misjudged and veered straight into is too numerous to count. You feel as though you are going in a straight line though!

Sharon x

Hi Ash, my balance is shot to bits too, it’s worse some days than others. I have virtually constant bruises on my thighs and arms (thanks to bumping into things) and wander across the pavement when walking, a bit like I’m drunk - although chance would be a fine thing. Hope you start to feel better soon. Debbie xx

Me too but no dx as yet gone into people, doorframe and tripped on flat floors especially if the floor has change of pattern/surface

Thanks for all the replies. It’s good to know I’m not the only one doing this! It’s so annoying. I actually walked off the footpath the other day onto the road as if I was drunk aswell!! I’m so conscious of it though and yes you actually think you are walking straight!! Hopefully it will do one soon!! Grrr

Haha, yes. Hubby says that if I was a car he’d send me to get my tracking sorted out.