Wall and Furniture Walking

Hello everyone, hope you’re all bearing up in this New Year. Can any of you point me to a post that has been placed on the Forum in that last few days concerning wall and furniture walking in the home. I have recently started doing this. I live in a small bungalow with three stairs to the bedroom and bathroom. My OH has had bannisters fitted to enable me to climb the three steps BUT now I am even having difficulty managing any kind of movement without my small rollator. I thought I was the only one dealing with this and was so relieved that someone else was going through the same thing. Any help to find the post or any chat abou this would be appreciated. Linda

Hi Linda, I didn’t see the post but this is something I now do al l the time.

Out of the house at work etc I have a stick but don’t use it at home as I feel slightly more secure in my surroundings and know i can reach out and grab things to steady myself.

Over he past few months I have had more and more difficulty getting around the house without holding onto furniture or walking along a wall. I also tend to bump into walls and furniture a lot too!

My hubby recently said to me to that I move in exactly the same way as a girl he used to work with who had advanced MS. is comment came as shock, (a) because I haven’t been Dx yet and (b) because it’s the first time I have heard him link any of my symptoms to MS, neither of us mention it, I assumed he didn’t because he doesn’t beleive i have anything seriously wrong, and I don’t because i don’t want people to think I have convinced myself i have it.

I tend to walk with a “sway” and frequently lose my balance too, either my legs go weak ormy dizzyness/vertigo makes me topple over to the right hand side. It’s awful and i hate to think what i actually look like when I am walking!

My stick is not as effective as it should be anymore, it helps to prevent me falling over to one side but isn’t much help when my legs give way.

How badly is it affecting you?

Bunny xx

Hi Bunny, your reply was so like me but you said you hadn’t had a diagnosis yet. I was dx’d in 2000 and I faired quite well with only slight but progressive features happing. I have been off work since mid October and all manner of symptoms have now happend. I used to walk with one stick (started a couple of years ago) outside and then about a year ago started with two sticks outside and at work. Then mid October everything went haywire and I started wall and furniture walking indoors as well as using my sticks. I have a rollator, splints and sticks and can now only walk a few feet with an aid. I knew MS would catch me eventually but I didn’t think it would be this severe and suddden. Now my life has got to completely change. Not only is it hard on us but also on our OH’s. I was pleased to hear from someone who understands. It’s a very difficult thing to explain to someone it’s not happening to. I know I have to adapt but its hard to accept this. Still, if I have to become a wheelie at least I’ll be able to sit down because that’s where I feel most secure lol. Linda