strange walk


i’ve noticed a change in my gait.

i’m sort of putting my foot down firmly then the other one

it feels like i’m rocking from side to side

i’ll have to ask my family how it looks to them

carole x

Hiya I wasn’t aware of a change in my walking until my husband said I waddle! Charming! I guess we do it when our bodies need to make sure we are safe and don’t overbalance or fall?! x

Sunny weather all round.In the world according to me it can happen that girls with MS can end up waddling like a duck,presumably due to the pelvis and underpinnings.Boys tend not to waddle but stagger around in an ungainly hesitant fashion somewhat akin to a toddler.This happened to me when I could still totter about and the girlfriend of the time was quick to point it out,at which point the toddler learnt some very [filtered words]

Best wishes,

Wb xx <(L)>

Hi Carole,

Know what you mean.

I tend to slap my left foot down, right is normal. When my legs are tired the left leg swings out to the side and round. Physio told me that’s not good, but to swing or to trip and fall? which is worse?

Roller skates may be the answer.

Jen x

I spent an hour with the physio this week trying to walk tall with bum in! My knee just wont bend enough for me to swing my leg through. I have slight foot drop due to tight calf muscles too. My left side is fine. Spasticity is the problem I think!

Moyna x

Hi Carole,

Gait changes are a pretty normal part of MS, I’m afraid. Changes in strength and muscle tone, and all that…

Physiotherapy might help, but on the other hand is no miracle cure. I’m a bit grumpy with them at the moment, because they’re only suggesting things I’ve tried numerous times over the years, that didn’t help, so I feel it was a complete waste of time going…

My experience doesn’t mean it’s always a waste of time, though. You might strike lucky!



hi thanks for your replies

i feel more like a penguin than a duck!

i’ll try to get an appointment with the physio but it won’t be soon

carole x

Talk about The Ministry of Silly Walks, from Monty Python, eh?

When I was still walking, it was very dodgy. I would lift my hip and swing my leg out to avoid foot drop causing a fall…didnt often work like that though.

Yeh, it does hurt and damage the hip…but ???

Physio told me to concentrate really hard on placing the heel down and follow through to the toes.

When I did this, my sis said I looked really weird.

She cant laugh at my walking now, `cos i cant do any walking at all!

luv Pollx

Hello evryone,

I think I walk perfectly normally until someone ask’s if I am ok as they have noticed I am lifting up my right foot much higher than my left, suppose I’m so used with walking the way I do it goes unnoticed by me. When I am tired the limp I was left with after my last relapse is most definately more pronounced.

But the thing that has changed is the way I run and believe me I rarely run, even as a child I couldn’t run to save my life but sometimes I find myself having to speed up as i cross the road and so I attempt to run and my right leg takes on a personality of it’s own and I look like a carthorse trying to canter with the poise of a thoroughbred.

Fortunately for the sake of the general public I try to remember to use a crossing.

Joy x

definately in the penguin category my wife says , and she got the physio to agree to that definition too LOL , not good when the physio can’t keep a straight face is it ?


I can relate to this and in particular Joys posy… That sounds just like me! I find the more I try consciously to walk normally the stranger I look! At least I’m not on my own with this! X