Walking/Gait question.

I’m new here and just wanted to say hello.

At present I am undiagnosed. I’m 47 and was dx with Chronic Migraines in 2012 and have been on preventative meds since (unsuccessfully), on top of that I’m being treated for depression.

I recently had an MRI and I’ve been told that there are lesions present, I’m due to see a neurologist next week and hope to get more info on what’s happening to me. I have a full range of symptoms, which seem to point to MS but I’m still hoping I’m wrong.

I wanted to ask if anyone suffers from walking/gait problems?

Fatigue is constant in me and after walking a very short distance 50m or so, my walking starts to go strange. But it’s not the same each day ie one day I could be staggering slightly, a few days later it’s knee buckling with each step.

I was wondering, for those who suffer with gait problems, is this constant change common?

All the best…


my walking has been rubbish since before my dx.

i had drop foot at first which caused me to fall face first on the pavement, leaving me with a bloody nose and black eyes!

i did the staggering like a drunk for about a year.

these days my knees feel missing.

so yes in my case the constantly changing gait is real.

hope it turns out not to be ms for you.

carole x


I am recently diagnosed, hope it turns out not to be MS for you.

I started last July after being out walking for 2 hours, staggering like a drunk person and tripping up lots.

This has got progressively worse in that I get my walking issues after much shorter walks now. I have been diagnosed with a fatiguable foot drop and given a sports support by my Physio. Sometimes I wobble like a drunk person, my balance is affected so if in crowded places where people walk at me I stagger when I have to make sudden direction changes. Sometimes I get a kick off my knee when I put my foot on the floor. So yes constant change is normal for me. My walking is worse when I am tired.

Snowqueen x

I’m still undiagnosed, but seem to have a lot of symptoms that point to MS like you. The neurologist noted that I have a very stiff gait and I have been tripping and stumbling lately. I’ve never been this clumsy before. Fingers crossed that there’s another diagnosis for both of us.

Thank you for your replies, pigpen, SNOWQUEEN286, and Puzzled56.

I’m glad that it’s just not me with the continual changes to gait, drop foot seems to have paying me a visit recently, hopefully it won’t be staying.

Sorry to hear about the nose and black eyes, Carol, as if things aren’t bad enough. Snowqueen, sorry to hear you’ve recently been diagnosed. I’m like yourself the walking is much worse when I am tired, and takes less distance to have an effect. Puzzled56, we sound as if we’re in a similar place at the moment, all the best and I hope you get diagnosed with something more manageable.

All the best, thank you again for your replies,

CH1 x