Walking technique.

Hi all, Merry Christmas.
I was diagnosed with RRMS back in 2017 with the last relapse affecting my legs. I would struggle to get any forward momentum and would walk like a penguin, flat footed, swaying left and right with a walker.
Anyway, and the main reason for the post is, I got a new physiotherapist a couple of months ago and they have taught me move forward by rolling down the ball of the heal and lifting with the planter of the foot. In essence instead of the pendulum swinging left and right to get momentum it now swings forward and backward. It has worked for me, although I still need a walker, I’m quicker and don’t get chronic fatigue and grind to a halt in whatever muscles in my legs I was trying to use before.
I hope this is helpful to someone as the lack of forward momentum has been a big problem for me and the improvement feels like a big WIN.
Happy New Year,


Thanks for that tip James, I will certainly be giving it a go.
Hope Christmas went well and I hope you have a lovely safe New Year.

That’s great - thank you for sharing. That old MS penguin swing is so characteristic, isn’t it? When I see a stranger do it, I make a private guess as to what is the matter with them, and I bet they’re doing exactly the same for me! But it’s an awkward motion, and anything that helps promote a more natural gait is great.

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Nice one James, hip hitching (walking like a penguin) has had a couple of impacts on on other bits of my body, so I look forward try this technique for a bit and see how it goes.

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Me too. I certainly find that, the more out of whack my gait gets, the more soft tissue trouble I get from the unnatural stresses and strains. :frowning:

Hi James,


I use a walker and have left foot drop. I walk by vaulting up onto my right toes then swing my left leg through. I sometimes find it hard to bend my left knee or lift my left leg up.

Strange how we manage to adapt.
Take care.