Ive limped for years, wobble yet sometimes manage to walk confidently then other times feel decidedly unsafe (talk about mixed bag). Ive undergone neurophysio for core body strength which helped avoid falling. Over the past few weeks Ive begun tottering (very small stride), more a shuffle which Ive not experienced before and know I move oddly. Its new for me.

Wondered, anyone else experienced such varied mobility issues?



Yes, my mobility is all over the place and varies greatly. However I can never walk unaided:, I always have to hold on to something but, to me, there is a huge variation between my good and bad days, but, I imagine, most onlookers would just just see me as having a bad day every day, lol Cheryl:)

Thanks Cheryl, Im getting worried as Ive just recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis too and one way to try combat it is weight bearing exercises!!! Oh yer, how on earth am I going keep weight bearing when my mobility is letting me know it doth protest.

Totter or not Ill hope the good days are more than the bad days, for you too my fellow mser. Its good to share



Thanks Bren, sorry about your osteoporosis, yes I hope the good days are better than the bad. I just keep smiling and on a bad day try to think that tomorrow is another day! Cheryl:)

Your a rock, thanks a million for sharing xxxx

For me the most diffcult aspect of my admitedly limited mobilty is the fact that I never know what the step will be like.

My brain is sending normal stride messages but they may transate as little shuffling steps, long wobbly ones, off balance ones or worst of all ones that end up with me on the floor. I never know - it’s a magical mystery tour.