Trouble with walking but not stairs?

Afternoon all,

I have just a quick query, does anyone else have problems walking on a flat, even surface but not when walking up or down stairs? Over the last week or so my leg has decided that it will randomly give way a little, not enough to make me fall or stumble, but enough for others to notice. But when it comes to walking up or down stairs it’s back to its old self (until I get to a landing). Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks for reading,

Me too. I think that having a handrail helps, but the action of stair climbing still seems to connect with my brain even when walking on the flat is really hard.

Hi Simon,

My mobility issues started with tripping over my big toe, right foot, then, especially when fatigued - right leg moved a lot slower than the left making me have to swing that leg to keep up. I limp when I walk and have to watch I dont try walk on uneven surfaces. Steps are different because different muscle groups are used. Ask to see physio so you can have core exercises and any help to maintain mobility. My neuro physio helped me with drop foot. The sooner the better so you can ambulate with confidence.

Best wishes

Many thanks for the replies to my post (don’t know why I came up as guest). Thankfully my legs seem to be getting a little better although they still try and catch me out if I get too blasé. Oh well, such is life. Just got to play the cards you’re dealt as best you can.

One a side note, this is by far the worst I’ve been since starting the Fingolimod (Gilenya) trial so not complaining by any means. Just hope NICE change their mind about it.