Stair climbing with a walking stick

Firstly Hello everyone,
Only read this if your brave and stupid like me :crazy_face:
I’ll try to explain how i manage up my stairs, i can’t carry the shopping, unless it’s in a rucksack.
Well here goes my stair climbing ONLY WITH A BANISTER explanation, please be careful if your away to try this. Hand on banister, walking stick in other hand.
This is going to be difficult to explain, but bear with me :grinning:
I approach staircase, grab the banister, stick in other hand, ground stick say two steps up, i find trying three or four stairs up helps me climb them better.
Right ok how do i get my leg up the stair. i pull on the banister, then tighten my stomach muscles (core) then swing my bad leg up one step. Lift up my good leg.
Congratulations your up one step :+1:t3:.

Just keep repeating this ( not very safe or simple technique to your destinations )

So when you use your stick like this technique its sort of like having two banisters.
P.s i know you all hate stairs…
only try this if your confident and determined.
I,ve got around 25 stairs to navigate up, i feel like a mountaineer when i see the front door…


Well done to you, 10 outta 10 for grit and determination :+1: :+1: Luckily for me we live in a bungalow, but I’m a wheelchair user now, so wouldn’t apply.

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Thanks for your compliments greenhouse. I’d love a bungalow with a driveway, but just biding my time for now. I feel like a wheelchairs probably needed, but I’m trying other things to help my body’s balance right now, mainly vitamin supplements, complex vit B, B12, vitamin C (chewable) vitamin E, Cod liver oil tablets, oh and my latest therapy ‘Kinetic Chain Release’

Hope your still driving?

My cars my legs nowadays :oncoming_taxi:

Sadly my driving days are over too :cry: but hey things could be worse, Our bungalow has 2 driveways, one out from and one at the back of the property, so I feel very lucky, hoping you can get one too, good luck to you and stay positive, I do.

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That did make me laugh a little as I struggle with stairs and might give this a try. I go one step at a time, hold onto the banister and try with pure determination to get my right foot/leg to the next step :see_no_evil: honestly the things we do. Take care, Angie


Hey take care please, I don’t use public stairs if there’s a lift or an escalator handy. I also get oxygen treatment which tops my blood oxygen levels.


I will take care, probably safer to carry on with how I go up the stairs. Lifts all the way or I tend to stay away from stairs out of the house. I’m on Ocrevus infusions, have 2nd infusion next week. Take care

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Hi, ok,

How’s the infusion helping you? I’ve heard of them, a guy i know gets them. I tried fampridine with bad side effects, not getting to try a lower dose. Im apparently getting more physio, soon. My fridge doors full of exercises I’ve been given over the years, i only do the ones i can doo really, physios make you do the ones I can’t :triumph::joy:

Hiya, I’m only on my 2nd infusion so not sure if they’re doing anything yet. No side affects, bit tired but that’s the norm with us anyway. Physio exercises :see_no_evil: I get to many and some I just can’t do. I work 3 days a week and on my feet for 7 hours a shift. My physio totally understands so I do what I can when I can​:grimacing:

Yeah, ok see how it goes for you then, glad theres no side effects.

l’m on my 2nd KCR treatment this Friday, it’s just relaxing pressures and movements of your limbs and connective tissues, the bits that connect your muscles to your bones.

(Hey well done you😳 I couldn’t stand for an hour let alone 7!)

I’ll maybe ask my doctor if i can get this infusion once i hear some more feedback from good people like yourself about this Ocrevenus infusion stuff.

Fampridine was never going to cure my p.p.m.s only mask the progression.

I’ll just continue my mountain climbing :roll_eyes:

Best regards


I’m absolutely pooped by the time I’ve finished a shift believe me, probably not doing myself any favours but I love my job to much but I know at some stage I will have to slow down and think about myself :heart:

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I would totally agree with that comment, also take some comfort knowing you’re never really alone once you ask a question or comment in this place :grinning:

What an excellent description of climbing stairs with one good leg and one bad leg! Try and move somewhere without steps:)
You are a damned hero for keeping on going regardless of the obstacles physical or mental. PPMS sucks big time, but most of the time we are full of pluck.
Take care be safe M x


Hey thanks for your kind words hellMS, i pushed myself a bit further just now. I used the above technique but added my rucksack filled with… get this

Two 2litre bottles of cheap fizzy juice
A single 2 litres of milk
One big jar of coffee
One big tub of margarine
Big bag of grated cheese

A loaded rucksack is like a mini workout.

I better go make myself my cheese sandwich after climbing mini Everest again :sweat_smile:


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