Dodgy Leg

I have a leg giving way periodically as I walk or stand around, and the knee is especially shaky if supporting my full weight but I get the impression that if I walk briskly it does not happen, possibly not at all. Of course I cant do everything at a brisk pace, but just curious as to why. Also, its never happened when I’ve been on stairs (thankfully). Anybody else find this?

Hi there,

Not exactly the same problem (I don’t think), but always find standing still for any length of time causes more discomfort than keeping on the move. I’ve been traipsing round the shops all afternoon, which went OK, but what really finished me off was standing in a long queue for the tills. I think I was alright 'til I did that.

I also used to get a problem, after my last relapse, which I called “powercuts”. This was where I’d be walking along, quite OK, and all of a sudden, lose power to my lower limbs, and think I was going to collapse. And yet if I persevered on through it, it would go away after a few minutes, and be very unlikely to happen again that day.

I haven’t had one for ages, touch wood, so I’m sure it must have been part of the relapse. I did once have it on stairs: I ran for a train - or at least, thought I could run - at Birmingham New Street Station. I got halfway up some stairs, when the “powercut” happened, and I realised I was stranded, like the Grand Old Duke of York: neither up nor down!

I couldn’t do anything except cling to the handrail, as everyone surged past me, and wait for it to pass - which it eventually did, but by then I’d missed the train, of course.



The slower I go the less well I walk.

I litterally cannot walk at the ultra slow pace of my elderly mum or I find myself on the deck.

Naturally I don’t have the stamina to walk briskly so I don’t do much, if any, walking outside the house.

A stick might help prevent you having conversations with the pavement if your knee gives way.


Interesting what you say about running Anita; havent really tried it since having leg issues (not that I am the sporty type you understand) but wondering what would happen.Yes Jane I have resorted to a trusty stick when out and about, partly because otherwise I think people think I am drunk.