Aching legs when stand still

I’ve had aching legs when I stand still for quite a few months now and it’s not improving. The pain/aches in legs come on even after just a few seconds of standing still. I’m having physiotherapy at the hospital every week. I take paracetamol or ibuprofen not really helping and have just got some Codydramol tablets. I’m reading about leg pain currently and drinking enough water can help, good diet, daily exercise, I have some exercises to do. I go for a minimum 20 min walk each day and it’s uphill on the way home.

It effects me when I stand in queues, cook at my cooker, wash up dishes and stand to clean my teeth. The Occupational Therapy team are delivering me a perching stool for my kitchen.

Does any one else having aching legs when standing still? xx

yes i have the same problem.

i got tickets for myself and friend to see stone roses at heaton park.

but standing whilst waiting for the band to come on made my legs go mental.

i needed to keep doing mini squats (slight bends of knees).

i felt very self conscious but my friend, janet, did the same!

a group of lads noticed the strange middle aged women doing a silly dance.

then janet said “doesn’t he (mani) look…?”

and i said “special”

those lads were in hysterics!

so if you see me at a concert or festival please come and silly dance with me!

carole x

Yes this is my main symptom now, I can walk ok but standing still is really uncomfortable. I’ve not found anything that helps apart from comfy shoes and keeping moving.

I too get this symptom. It’s a fairly new one to me (been building over the last 6 months), but boy do they hurt when they start. Recently I’ve had problems at work with it - I do first aid event work and PTS (patient transport service) work. It’s not too bad with the PTS work as I’m sat down or on the move most of the time, but on the last 2 events I’ve done I’ve been stood at the finish line. On one it was too busy for me to sit but there were points where I felt physically sick with the pain and others where I had to lean up against something. On the other, it was a little quieter. After just an hour I had to sit down on my bag. For me it seems to be linked in with the fatigue I suffer from which I pretty much have daily but some days are worse than others. There also, rather worryingly, seems to have been a loss of strength - not just in the legs but in my arms as well (I get arm symptoms every now and again). I can’t close the sliding door on the ambulance nor on a 5 seater car/taxi no matter how hard I slam the thing - I just don’t have the strength.

Yes. The same can’t stand for long enough to pee. Can’t walk without crutches Ether now, so your not so bad, funny how it seems bad, till it gets worse, then you wish you was the way you was when you thought you was bad. Lol. Wish I was as bad as I was last Xmas. Still able to work then. Seriously think about it. Lol

What helps me a little is if I slightly warm up some plain massage oil, using a little plastic bottle placed in a cup of warm water. Then massage the warm oil every morning on my legs, feet, shoulders, back. Rest for five minutes then have a warm shower. It seems to help relax some of my muscles that are extremely tight. Sometimes I feel better for a few hours, then the aching creeps back again but it’s a slight improvement.

I call them my Christmas legs.

These days it is rare for me to be standing doing prep in the kitchen for long enough at a stretch to bring it on, but, at this time of year, even I can’t get out of doing work. And so I get Christmas legs: in my case it takes the form of a feeling like bad sunburn behind the knees. It used to be miles worse in Christmases past (probably because I used to try to do so much more than I attempt now…), but I get a touch of it still when I overdo it, and Christmas is still the most likely time for that to happen. With me it is fast-acting, localised and relieved by rest.


I have a same problem can anyone help me out

Standing is harder than walking. I rarely queue now. If I have to, I try move on the spot and stretch but it doesn’t work for long. If I’ve got someone with me I sit somewhere if possible and then join them at the front. That’s the good thing about walking with 2 sticks…people can see I have difficulties now. Or I time it so I arrive at the last minute so don’t stand for long. Best of all, I take my wheelchair!

Or I walk to front of queue and say I can’t stand for long, is there a chair I can sit on. Not always possible mind, but others often let me in then

I have the same. Can’t stand for more than a minute or 2 or I’m in agony. Go back to GP and insist on stronger pain killers. I have Co-codamol. It takes the edge off. Also sit when you can - do food prep sitting down as much as you can. Do it in advance if you are better in the mornings. Think about a rollator - one of those where you can sit - if its queues and waiting for a bus.

Is the pain accompanied by swelling of the ankles? If so, try to rest with the feet up.

i have same. i use a perching stool at the sink if i am doing just a bit of dish washing. its a nightmare. i cant stand in queues it is one reason why i use a wheelchair out now. my ankles swell so i sit reclined in the day. i cant bear to go anywhere and sit like a restaurant, or waiting in doctors.