Leg ache - what helps relieve it?

Hi People

Sorry for invading the board, I have not been diagonsed yet but am in limbo waiting to see a neuro soon.

I was wondering if anybody could give me any tips on helping my leg feel better. My right leg has been for two weeks now playing up, it started about two weeks ago just above my knee, with my muscles going tight and aching. It feels really heavy and for some reason has become quite muscular, (never knew I had such good muscles there!!) Its been pretty much like this for two weeks but yesterday my knee now feels like it wants to go out sideways when I walk and I have this weird feeling at the mo that my right leg is shorter than my left!!! :s

A friend suggested taking some magnesium tablets but was wondering if anybody else had some tips. I’ve tried a heatpad but that seemed to make it worse.

Thanks 8

some yoga stretches really help with leg pain.

but i’m a sight for sore eyes trying to get up from the floor!

a neuro physio is what you really need though

carole x