Legs ache ?

My legs ache 24/7. It`s like a cross between RLS and having run a marathon or hiked a long distance in knee deep mud.

Does anyone know of any medication or have any ideas that could ease the symptom as it prevents me from sleeping every single night.

Ive asked my GP but I may as well talk to a kin brick wall. Basically no answer or advice.

I constantly do leg exercises which helps a little but soon wears off. Ive taken Magnesium tablets and applied lotion which helped but Im back to square one.

massage with soothing oils?


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Try putting Epsom salts in a warm bath


I find Ibuprofen very effective to control these leg cramps. I know that we are only meant to use the tablets for short periods, but as I only use them intermittently I imagine that this is okay. My pharmacist has passed the buck and asked me to ask my GP, which I will when I next see him.


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Ordered a 25kg bag from Ebay. Well cheap.

It contains Magnesium Sulphate which hopefully will do the job.

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Neuroligist Prescribed me clonazapam for night spasms this works very well but I only take every other night .

I know what it’s like scudger especially if you have done more than usual take it easy for a few days.

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I take magnesium powder up 600 mgs every day for leg cramps, the magnesium spray is also really good