Legs ache 24-7

My worst symptom is my legs that ache all day and all night without any break. Can anyone recommend a cure ?

Ive tried Magnesium and soaking in Epsom Salts but it doesnt help. Exercise relieves it temporarily but I`m just fed up getting up at 3am to go on the indoor bike.

Any advice appreciated.

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No helpful answers I am afraid ! I would love to know if anyone has any solutions though. Ps, how do you put the ‘clips’ in. They always make me smile, so thankyou

Sarah ,

Is it like resless leg syndrome ?? i get this and doc gave me pramipexole , small tablet which takes the urge to move them away its 0.88mg ,

Only avaliable from GP though , and it does work even the neuro consultant told me to take them , maybe try that … speak to your GP about it

let me know


Scudger. Just a thought, have you had your thyroid function checked? If levels are out of kilter that can cause all sorts of things, muscle pain and stiffness being some of them. Not saying it is this but it might be worth a blood test.

Hi there, I take gabapentin. Have you tried it? Having said that, I am currently in relapse - and it directly affects my legs! so maybe it’s not that good!


They`re GIFS. All you do is copy and paste them.

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Thyroid has been checked and is OK. Thanks.