Hi there. one symptom i get daily is twitching. could b my arm, leg, hand, foot, back etc i could be sitting at dinner table and get a electric shock like pang which makes my leg or arm completely jump/flinch. anyone else experience this. responses appreciated

10 yrs ago I used to get a sharp pain in my head followed by a spasm for 30 secs. It took over my complete reight side & also affected my speech. Havent had that since but do suffer from ‘restless’ legs and toe cramps in the evenings. I was taking amitriptyline, but recently stopped it as im about to start Tecfidera and want a smooth start, ive also changed my diet.

Hi Sallum. This is contantly throughout the day and too be honest really starting to get to me.

hi noels

i get this quite frequently and am experiencing this at the moment and it is very irritating. i wish there was a way to stop it as it feels like i am losing control of my body.

you’re not alone- lets hope someone has a good solution to this. take care, fluffyollie

Hi, I had up to 30 body wide twitches (arms, legs, all over a day for about a year, also at night and they would wake me up. Meditation twice a day has helped me a lot. I rarely get twitches now.

Anything like Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, self massage helps the body to relax. xxx

I find 325 mg of magnesium greatly eases problems with spasm and cramp. Probably worth trying a beneficial mineral before moving on to the more serious drugs.

hi whammel

that’s a good place to start- do you take them as pill supplements? any recommendations as to where i can get them from.

thanks fluffyollie

I get mine from, although sure any reputable supplier will do. You might need to experiment with the dose until you find one that suits you, but it can act as a laxative in high amounts, so best be careful.

Yep, really annoying. I never get it after a couple of alcohol units, or certain plant based remedies. I woke up one morning with it on my face, but Gabapentin soon rectified. This was one of my earlier symptoms. I also get sharp random pains ranging from bee stings to intense burning. I’m going to give the magnesium a bash. I’m not sure whether to try tablets or a gel. I’m not a fan of the prescription drugs - I get too many issues.