Constant Twitching

So an old symptom for me that has suddenly gotten much worse. Still waiting for a Neurology appointment, I’ve been told I should have one by October. The waiting is agonising though.

My body is just constantly twitching. my eye is especially bad but also my arm and leg. Also experienced what I think people call an internal vibration for the first time. A very weird feeling. Also a muscle in my back was going crazy at one point yesterday leaving a sensation that someone was tapping on my spine. Not pleasant.

My partner told me off for saying something along the lines of well at least it’s a mild symptom, the pain or my vision hasn’t gotten worse (well pain maybe a bit). But it is affecting me, making it very difficult to work as it’s extremely distracting. As well as just reminding me that I’m not well at the moment. He says I shouldn’t undersell my symptoms, it won’t help especially when I actually get to talk to a neurologist.

Anyway, is this something many of you experience? Anything that you’ve found helps settle the twitching?

Magnesium may help. Vervain tea may help a bit too.