Leg spasms keeping me awake...

Hi, for the last few nights I’ve been struggling to get to sleep because of regular spasms in my right leg. They’re the ‘in-between’ type, so not the ones that make your leg spasm totally for a long time or the quick juddery ones but the ones that feel like you’re connected to a TENS machine, muscles tensing and relaxing on a 30 second cycle. Does any of that make sense? Hope so!

Anyway, I just wondered if there was any way of easing them without resorting to drugs? I tried every sleeping position possible to ease them but nothing worked, glad I’ve got such an understanding husband!

Any ideas very gratefully received, many thanks,

Becky x

I find magnesium helps to ease spasm & cramp and worth trying before the more serious drugs. Massage can be effective and guess this where you can put your understanding husband to good use.

Ditto…I take magnesium supplements and use a magnesium spray straight onto the affected area.

Thank you both so much, I’ve just ordered some on Amazon. MrsH - I saw an old post of yours before I ordered it so avoided the menthol one but it did make me laugh! Whammel - I’m sure he’ll be more than willing if it means he can sleep as well!

Thanks again

Becky x

Hi Becky It was very, very funny…obviously from my perspective !! Catherine Xx