Leg spasms

Hello everyone. Hope today has been good to you all.

Does anyone have a natural remedy for leg spasms. My right leg starts “dancing” around 4-6pm and in the middle of the night. I am in a wheelchair and cannot move my legs voluntarily.



I find 750mg of magnesium helps with spasm and cramp. If you can manage some gentle stretching that should help too.  

As whammel said, taking a magnesium supplement may help, and stretches. There's another thing I do which may sound a bit weird, but I hope it makes sense. It's to do with my thoughts & how I react to the spasms. I used to get really annoyed with my legs when they did it, but now I sort of talk to my legs as if they're like a baby that's crying, and you want to soothe it and calm it down. Get annoyed with a crying baby and it will probably only cry even more, and a lot of the time they're just crying because they're tired. But be soothing & calming towards the baby and you can help it to drift off. So, in the same way that we talk to ourselves in our heads, I talk to my legs in a way that's soothing, understanding that that they're probably just tired. 

And in the same way that distraction can help with a baby, I often find distraction can help to stop spasms. I use a wheelchair too, so I might just go and wheel myself round the block, or do some other physical task, and a lot of the time that does the trick.

Hope you get some relief.